Mr. Drooly Pants, a Waterproof Bib Tutorial

Mr drool face is going through at least three bibs a day at daycare and would probably go through a dozen if I sent him with that many. I kind of hate bibs. They're not so cute and they cover up super cute outfits. What's the point of a cute outfit if drooly drool pants is going to need a costume change twice an hour?

So I decided to make a cute bib, using cute fabric. And I used a flannel back so it would be absorbent. But he soaked through that in no time too.

Last night I made waterproof bibs. They have cute fabric on top, an absorbent flannel layer in the middle and a waterproof PUL layer on the back.
M put them to the test straight away...
Final verdict on my latest design came when M only came home with one sopping wet bib jammed in his little wet bag. Success.

Here's how to make your own droolproof bibs.

1. Download and print this pattern, which is for your personal use only. Test to make sure your printer is printing at 100% by measuring the 1" square on the pattern.

2. Cut out three layers for the bib, one of a pretty cotton, one of cotton flannel and one of PUL, which is a fabric that has a soft, cloth-like side and a waterproof, shiny side

3. Pin the three layers together with the flannel on the bottom, then the pretty cotton front facing up and finally the PUL with the shiny side up
The good side of the pretty cotton and the fabric-feeling side of the PUL will be facing each other.
4. Sew around the edges with a 1/4" seam allowance, leaving a 2" space at the bottom for turning.
5. Turn the entire big right side out so that the flannel is on the inside, the pretty cotton on the front and the PUL on the back

6. Top stitch around the entire edge, making sure to catch the opening that you used to turn the bib

7. Cut a 1/2" piece of velco, sew the rough side to the cotton side of the bib and the soft side to the PUL side at approximately where the X is marked on the pattern

8. Put on your baby and catch the drool

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  1. I've been making a lot of bibs lately for various babies and prefer snaps instead of velcro. Velcro can snag and pull everyhing it touches: those adorable baby outfits and anything it can catch in the laundry. Snaps are simple to attach (get the little tool to pound them in with a hammer--available right next to the snaps) and last forever. Yours are adorable!


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