The Office Playroom

A couple of weekends ago we moved around the furniture in my office, organized and secured the rat's nest of wires, brought in a bucket of baby toys and created an office playroom. My office before baby bee arrived was divided into two spaces, one half reading area:
And one half desk area, divided by a hutch holding books and office supplies:
We moved the dividing hutch over to the brick wall by the chairs, and moved the slipper chairs to under the window facing the brick wall. We pushed the chairs together to make a little sofa and put the ticking-stripe slipcovered table on the far right of the chairs.

So now when you look into my office from our living room you see the chairs, with katadhin the bear footstool in front of them.
As you step into the room, you'll see a few of baby M's toys over to the right.
The little table doubles as a spot for my coffee cup and a place to stick M's stacking toy...
instead of letting it sit in nine pieces in his elephant toy bin.
In front of the chairs is the hutch with my books and office supplies.
And on top we have the frame from my brother and sister in law with baby M's footprints on one side and an empty space just waiting for us to finally choose a photo to print. We had to do the footprints ourselves at home (nightmare for baby M, but super cute results!), do any hospitals do prints anymore?
My desk is still on the other side of the room, now flanked by two matching file cabinets since we got rid of S's desk area in the basement when we added a pantry.
Just behind my chair is baby M's play mat, where he spends his time talking to the birds...
and sucking on their toes:
We have a great routine down in our new office playroom now. In the morning after baby M's breakfast, I start work early and "make milk" using my pump that's hidden in that piggy bag on the bottom shelf of the tall bookcase, while baby M plays with the birds from all angles as he moves from tummy time to his back to sitting up in the bumbo.
When he starts to yawn and fuss, we're off for swaddling, a story, and a morning nap:
Before we get dressed for the day and head off to camp!
The changes to my office make the space feel so welcoming and open. And having one spot for baby M's toys has left the rest of our house looking pretty much the same as before, if you turn a blind eye to the jumperoo in the living room, the swing in the dining room and the pack & play in the den, of course. I like turning from my computer during the day to see his toy bin under the window, it makes me look forward to the late afternoon when I zip off to pick up my boy and have play time all over again. Plus, who doesn't love moving furniture around with the seasons?

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  1. he is so adorable! happy easter. just wait til he is mobile and can get into everything! with sawyer i couldn't wait as i thought it would be so exciting. with emmy i dreaded it!!!!! because i knew it meant i would be running all over the place all the time!

  2. Nicole4/08/2012

    Do you work from home?

    1. I do. I suppose that's one important detail I left out ;) I work from home and his daycare is less than two miles from our house. It's a great arrangement!

  3. Looks so neat and organized in there! I'm loving the painted paneling.


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