We Survived Another BIG Milestone

S was away for another two whole weeks and this time baby M and I stayed home. If you recall, last time S was gone for two weeks, baby M, Feeney and I hightailed it straight to my parents' house. This time, my mom came down for most of the time S was away, but baby M and I did manage to get through another big milestone together: two days and nights all by ourselves.

It doesn't seem like such a big deal now that we're on the other side, but I spent a good amount of time figuring out how I'd be able to bathe him with only two hands, how I'd be able to walk Feeney at least twice a day, how I'd manage fussy time at 6:30 pm, when I'd be able to make and eat dinner and generally hoping that the "four month sleep regression" I keep hearing about wouldn't hit while I was alone.

I manged to get through all the hurdles by: using less water in the bucket (aka using it as instructed) so that I didn't need any hands to prop baby M up; taking a deep breath and gasp, walking three houses up the street with Feeney so he could do his numbers at the curb all while watching the baby sleep on his monitor that has an incredibly far range; walking Feeney with the baby in his stroller during the fussy time; dinner? there was plenty of leftover Easter candy, I mean ham; and not to worry, that sleep regression hit for the entirety of the first week S was gone; knock on wood, I think we're over it now.

So we survived. That's not to say we won't get the heck out of dodge for the next long trip, but at least it won't be so scary. Plus, I'm becoming an old pro at documenting daily nothings on my phone to email to S, but it's much nicer when he's home and we can share them in person.
Besides, how are any of our projects going to get done around here if all I'm doing in a day is walking the dog, feeding and bathing a baby and eating Easter bon-bons?

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  1. i used to totally adore when sawyer was a baby and chris would be away for work. i LOVED that time. i remember i would put on "in my life" by the beatles and play it over and over while singing and dancing with my baby boy before bed time. those are memories i will never forget. and when he gets married (in like 50 years) that has got to be our song. you will cherish these times.

    1. Awww, Cassie you make me sad that my baby is growing so quickly!

  2. Congrats Mama, it gets easier each time! Mine is only 5 weeks old and I have officially learned the one handed bath.

  3. Go mama!! I hear ya, its daunting the first time anything happens w/ our babies! I remember the first time i took quinn to target by myself. Woooh whee! I ended up changing her in my car bc the changing table was broken & had to abandon a cartful of stuff bc she had a meltdown. Good times lol!


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