The Well-Packed Daycare Bag

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Today I got schooled in the importance of the well-packed daycare bag. This morning I dressed baby M in his super cute denim overalls with the puppy paw print snaps and his gray and white striped onesie with the fuzzy bear on the front. He was looking so cute that decided to show him off and took him to Target with me to pick up a prescription before dropping him at camp. Not that you can see his super cute outfit when he's riding on my hip in his super cute sling....

BTW, he loved Target; he was all ooh momma it's so red in here and woah, look at all that milk as we cut through the bras to get from baby stuff to the pharmacy.

So I sent him off in these overalls:
And as S walked up the driveway holding baby M in his car seat, I peeked at him and said, "uh-oh." He was wearing an outfit I haven't seen in two months. S replied, "he had a pee like a waterfall. Or something like that. I think that's what she said." So what I gather from this cryptic account is that wee little M had a wee bit of an accident and wee'd all over his clothes as his wee diaper was getting changed. See the pee-pee tee-pee and how it's not a gag gift after all.

The peanut still fit into his extra outfit from two months ago, but as I unpacked his wetbag with his wet clothes, wet diaper and a couple of drool soaked bibs, I realized it's probably fairly important to take stock of his daycare bag beyond just checking for fresh diaps and milk each day.

We want to have a well-packed bag, but not an over-packed bag since sometimes we'll run with the jogging stroller to drop-off or pick-up baby M and need his bag and milk cooler to fit in the stroller basket. So after an assessment of what was missing and what was unnecessary, this is what we have in baby M's daycare bag:
Clockwise from the left:
Three wet bags, one large for clothing and two small for diaps
Three cloth diapers - we use BumGenuis 4.0 for daycare
One Sleep Sheep - this is attached to the car seat and because white noise is like crack for our baby, we never leave home without it. Nor does his daycare momma
One muslin swaddle blanket - to be used on hot days to cover his stroller at the park, etc.
One warm blanket - to be used on cool days at the park (we leave this home if the forecast is over 70)
One sun hat
One warm had - we leave this home if it's warmer than the low 60's
Two pacis with clips
Three waterproof bibs
One pair of pants or shorts
One short sleeve onesie
One pair of socks
One favorite toy from the Easter Bunny
One tube of lanolin for Mr. Drooly Pant's chin rash
Weekly, we send his laundered wipes and tomorrow we'll need to replace the cool weather outfit that's now tossed in the laundry hamper.

Separately, in his personalized Maddox cooler from L.L.Bean we send one serving of milk, one fresh bottle and a few (overkill) ice packs.

We also send one fed and happy baby wearing one fresh diap and one clean outfit strapped into one infant car seat.

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  1. Where is the tote from? Love it!

    1. From my etsy shop! beehivedesign.etsy.com


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