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Since day one I've wanted a motion light at our back door. Why no motion on this super simple project? No idea. We fixed it last weekend though when S picked up two replacement flood lights for the back door. One motion, one not. There was a $20 price different between the two. Having a motion light at our back door is worth $20 to me. In fact, having motion lights all around our yard would be worth much more than $20 to me. That's next.

So we chose motion. It was a super easy install, even though we were replacing a super old fixture. Given the super oldness of the old fixture, we decided to also change out the old junction box.

We shut the breaker off for the light, which involved a lot of flipping and hollering "is it off yet?" since we have yet to label the breaker panel since doing all sorts of rewiring last spring. Then S took down the old light (ugly) and unscrewed the old box from the brick using the new drill we bought for Christmas.

We selected a new box specifically made for wet conditions, it's imprinted right on the inside of the box, and blocked off all but one of the holes around the edges. We took the wires out of the old box and thread them into the new box using a special wire clamp in the open hole. You can see half of the clamp where the wires thread through the box here:
And can see the other half of the clamp, clamped on with screws at the top of the box here.
With the new box in place, S wired the new light to the wire coming into the box, put the rubber gasket in place (for outdoor conditions) and screwed the whole thing together.
We set the light to come on just as we reach the top of the driveway and to stay on for a few minutes so we can have plenty of time to bring doggie poo bags back to the trash and to fumble for our keys. 
I've never had a motion light before so I thought it was the coolest thing that the light has a daylight sensor so it doesn't come on during the day. Brilliant. Plus the bulbs are new halogen bulbs, which are supposed to be quite efficient.

The new light is great. So great in fact, that I'd like to put another off the side of the shed by the patio so we have plenty of light for grilling. It's probably not necessary for the summer, but it would be great in the winter. Our poor grill is so neglected compared to the 3+ times weekly we used to use it year round when we lived in Florida. One more project down, one more added to the list.

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  1. Looks Great! Why does it take so long to get around to the easiest projects???


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