5 Months Today

Baby M is 5 months old today. I say it every month, but it really is crazy how quickly time passes. This morning after breakfast M got dressed in his elephant outfit that he wears for all his monthly photos. I pulled out the 6mos size, but then decided to try the 3mos to see if it still fits and it did. Baby M was much more active during photos this month than he ever has been before. He immediately grabbed the elephant and pulled its ribbon off.
Maddox @ 5 months
M and I spent half of this month alone while S was on a long mission. We spend half of month four alone too, but Mamie was with us then. This was truly solo momma time and we did really well. We mastered bath time alone and M stopped holding on so tight after just one night.
Our routines changed this month with M's new sleep habits. He decided late last month to ditch his long morning nap and has been taking a 30min nap ever since. We had to do a little CIO this month for morning naps when M also stopped falling asleep during story time. We stopped swaddling for naps and started to associate a lovey with soothing, having M hold it while he nursed. He uses it to self-soothe for naps now, but we're still using the paci too.
It seems to work, but we're still swaddling at night because we just can't mess with a good thing. This month's average sleep was 12 hours at a time, with a couple 13 hour stints and one 13.5 hour night. We don't get him before 7am anymore and oftentimes he'll sleep until 7:30. It's really nice. I'm not tired. Except for those few nights that I stayed up way too late working on sail bag orders. So we took a few naps together while S was away this month too.
I made M a pocket sling and we're using it a lot now. It's small enough to fold up and stick in my diaper bag, so we use it at the grocery store and Target. We also use it when we take Feeney for a walk and when I get M's bath ready at night. Our neighbors saw us looking like this a lot this month:
M had his 4 month appointment at the very beginning of the month and weighed 14lbs even, which put him in the 25th percentile. At the end of the month he weighed 14lbs 10oz. He exactly doubled his birth weight one week shy of 5 months. He wears mostly 3-6 month clothes, 0-3 month onesies, 0-3 sleepers, and lots of hats.
Clothes that looked huge when he received them as gifts now fit, which is a little sad. But fun because he has so many cute outfits to choose from.
M wears BumGenius and Charlie Banana diapers still on the smallest setting with the buttons or velcro touching at the center. At night he wears a size 2 disposable.
M spent a lot of time in his favorite jumper, really mastering the art of jumping with his right foot. He tries to get the frog and bird hanging over his head with much gusto. Sometimes it's just so tiring trying to get those birds though.
We also got him an exersaucer to keep in my office this month. He enjoys it in an entirely differently way, grabbing at all the toys and trying to put everything in his mouth, although he does try to jump like a wild man sometimes too.
We didn't have any visitors this month, but we did go on walks with new friends and baby M spent an afternoon at his Nola and Grandpa's house one weekend while I did errands. We had a big playdate with other babies born in December.
It was very fun until I missed a turn on the way home and poor baby M had a driving tour of the D.C. sights during horrible traffic. He was hungry and very sad.

M also discovered Feeney's soft fur this month.

One morning while M was in his bumbo he looked up and it was as if he was seeing Feeney for the first time. He's been quite interested ever since. We're teaching him to pat gently.
Mostly they just hang out and wait for daddy to come home.
"Where's dad? We've got projects to do!"
The little guy is so much fun and is just getting so big. I can't believe that pixie dust I requested still hasn't arrived.

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  1. Anonymous5/16/2012

    Baby M and your blog are adorable. I found you through Young House Love and I really enjoy your blog and your sewing projects!


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