Jimmy Jet & the TV Set

When we learned that we were going to be staying at the Hive for another three-plus years, S and I decided that we wanted to change things up in our living room a bit.

We have one couch, a chair and an ottoman in the main area of the living room
And some wicker "poufs" stacked in the corner.
When we have guests it always seems like we're in need of one more seat. In all fairness, we rarely move the poufs and they would probably suffice, but they always seem to be in the middle of everything when we move them into the room.

After we moved the furniture in my office around, S suggested that we move the two green slipper chairs into the living room and move the leather chair from the living room into my office...
...and mount the TV above the fireplace. This would free up the space where the giant monstrosity sits on a giant stand.
One of the only photos I have of the massive thing from over a year ago
We researched TV mounts 'til we were blue in the face, finally deciding on this one from Sanus. It's a full motion, tilt mount with the slimmest mount we could find.

We started by finding the studs in our wall using a stud finder. Then to make for darn sure that we actually had found the studs, we used a tiny drill bit and drilled into the wall to make sure we'd hit wood.

After we'd found the studs, we placed the paper template on the wall and used a square and a level to get it level.
Unfortunately our studs were way off center so after consulting the instructions and our friend, Google, we ended up mounting the TV far to the right on the wall with the mounting brackets all the way to one side on the back of the TV.
 It's hard to see, but the bracket here is actually off-center here:
With the bracket in place on the wall and the mount on the TV, S and I carefully lifted the monstrosity up and onto the wall, praying the thing wouldn't fall.
Baby M looked on from his jumperoo.
It took a little finagling, but we managed to get the TV level, even though so much of its weight is to one side.  
Because we didn't know whether the mount would work, we didn't buy a new power cord and HDMI cable at the same time as the TV mount. So for now we have the DirecTV box sitting on a side table and the cords stretched as far as they can reach. We're working on our final furniture arrangement and contemplating floor-to-ceiling bookshelves on either side of the fireplace. 

Having the TV and its giant stand out of the way really opens up the small room. I'm liking it. I'm not liking that the giant stand is still hanging out in the dining room now.... 

Have you had experience mounting a TV on the wall? Any creative ideas for hiding those cords? We can't go into the wall without creating a huge mess of the plaster, unfortunately.

Does anyone else remember Shel Silverstein's Jimmy Jet & the TV Set? It was one of my favorites as a kid!

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  1. I remember Jimmy Jet! He grew a tail and they plugged it in...

    How I loved (and still love) Shel Silverstein.

    I'm envious of your mount; we have a big stone chimney, and while I'm fond of it, this solution to the big-tv-dilemma is out of reach for us.

  2. I preferred "Sick": "I cannot go to school today said little Peggy Anne McKay, I have the measles and the mumps, a gash a rash and purple bumps..."


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