My Mother's Day Closet

I know Mother's Day was almost two weeks ago now, but I'm just now putting the finishing touches on one of S's Mother's Day gifts!

We usually make wish lists for holidays and Mother's Day was no exception. I asked S for an engraveable bracelet from baby M. Baby M gave it to me and I love it. But, S didn't stop with the bracelet for my first Mother's Day, he went all-out, all weekend. He made me breakfast, bought orchids and gave me leis from Hawaii.
We went to the farmer's market, out for ice cream and all took a long nap, including Mr. Micronapper.

But the biggest gift from S came on Friday when he came into my office and asked if I'd like him to re-configure my closet for Mother's Day. I've hated my closet since day one and making it work better is something I've wanted to do since we first installed a closet system during storagegate just after we moved in. But the thought of all those clothes strewn out on the guest room bed overwhelmed me. S assured me he'd put the clothes back too, so I said yes. 

Twenty minutes later S was making a ruckus ripping trim and hanging rods off the wall.
And the guest bed was a hot mess.
Because the walls were a mess from years of neglect, S decided to paint the walls for me too. I consulted our paint stash and contemplated using a bright periwinkle blue paint that our home's previous owners used in the bathroom, but thought it might make the small space too dark and opted for lavender leftover from our all closets downstairs instead.

S filled all the holes with spackling and rolled on two coats of lavender. He did an excellent job for someone who claims not to be the painter in our family.
After vacuuming and dusting, S used my longest hanging dress to determine where to hang the long hanging shelf on the right:
And my longest shirt for the short hanging area on the left. Everywhere else he installed shelves for my pants, sweaters and bags.
We decided to leave the two center hanging brackets directly in front of the door since we have several shelves cut to fit already. If I ever need more storage, we can just put more shelves there. Considering the space right in front of the door was the only accessible area of the closet before, I don't think I'll be needing them. 

S finished things off by hanging a belt rack on the door and put all my hanging clothes and bags back in for me. He even found room for my Rakku shoe storage, a big ugly thing that used to hang out next to the bedside table.
Apart from putting my folded clothes back into my closet (which I finally made time for last night), the only thing I had to do for Mother's Day was choose a paint color and my ice cream flavor. Best day ever! Baby M and I are going to have a heck of a time trying to outdo S on Father's day!

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  1. I am so glad you posted this! I don't think my closet is as big, but has a similar layout. Duh - I never thought of putting shelving on the sides like that. I've actually had to use a light so see what's hanging on the far end.........
    I just may be doing some measuring this holiday weekend - I've actually printed a picture to remind myself too :)
    Have a safe & happy Memorial Day!


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