Baby Bee's BIG Baby Nursery

After building baby M's crib and getting over our initial shock over how much larger a crib is than a cradle, we got to work rearranging furniture to make our new BIG baby nursery.

We placed the crib under the "balloons" where the cradle was originally. It's the only wall without a window and therefore the only safe spot for baby Tarzan, who I'm sure would find a way to swing from the curtains if he could. Everything else in the room found a new home. Come on in and take a peek!

As you look in from the hallway, you can see the end of the crib centered under the paper lantern balloons.
We moved the changing table/dresser from under the window and placed it on an angle in the corner. We're going to live with this location for a little while before we move the elephant mobile. But, we won't wait too long because baby M absolutely loves reaching for the elephants and the hanging ribbons.
We moved the tall hutch where we keep our cloth wipes to the corner next to the crib where the glider used to live. There's the perfect sized space in the gallery wall from where we used to have the floor lamp.
We added breathable bumpers to the crib on the very first night when all of baby M's pacis hit the floor within 10 minutes of his being in bed. He likes to test them all out and twirl them around like a rodeo star as he's settling in to sleep. I plan to add trim around the edges of these just like I did for those in his cradle.
The wood color of the drawer on the crib matches our floors almost exactly. It just blends right in, so I may not paint it navy; I'm not sure I want to draw attention to it.
We moved the glider to the corner in front of the built-in bookshelves. It's a great location because we can now reach up and grab another book, if one or six aren't enough to put baby M to sleep at nap time. I re-homed the floor lamp to the living room since we never used it in the nursery. In fact, I don't think we ever even plugged it in.
 Above the glider hangs a painting of a little boy riding an elephant as it jumps over the moon.
My best friend from childhood painted it for baby M before he arrived. She said she'd planned to put a pony tail on the little boy, if baby M turned out to be a girl ;) The elephants eye is pretty amazing. The entire thing is amazing; she's very talented.
I'm sad to say goodbye to the cradle, but the plan was always to make the switch at six months. I'm glad we decided to make the switch the day the crib arrived so I didn't have any time to think about my wee baby growing up. Of course that means I didn't get to take any last-night-in-the-cradle pictures. The last shot I have of my big baby in his cradle is this picture of the video monitor taken last week.
I guess it was getting to be time, but I swear he still crams himself tight into a ball in the corner of the giant crib! And thankfully it's only taken a day or two for me to fall in love with our nursery all over again.
Did you have to rearrange your nursery to fit new and different furniture as your baby grew?

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  1. Looks great! I love the crib - great choice!!

  2. It looks fantastic!

  3. Great choice on the crib, it looks fantastic in there. We have that monitor too, and love it!

  4. Wow what can I say other than that the entire idea is just so beautiful. I would like to get this done for my baby's nursery too. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. The room's theme is really adorable with the elephant stuffed toy too. I think your baby loves his room also, he looks relaxed when he sleeps.


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