Baby Led Wednesday: Applesauce

We had a little scare with the foods recently. Baby M has been eating toast and eggs and all things once reserved for babies over a year old (except honey), but now okay'd by the AAP for babies 6 months and older. Then a couple Sundays ago baby M was very sick. He threw up huge amounts several times until there was nothing left in his tummy. By dinner time he was fine and we thought it was a fast moving stomach bug. The following Wednesday it happened again, but much more violent. His pediatrician said it might be a lingering bug, or might be an allergy.

When Father's day rolled around and baby M gave S a bit of a treat all over his shirt and lap and couch and this special Father's day shirt:
Baby M was tentatively diagnosed with a wheat allergy. He'd eaten the tiniest bit of toast the morning of all three incidents; it was the only common thread. We've been gluten free since. Baby M will have blood work done in September to make a definitive diagnosis.

So we've been treading very lightly for the past week or so, just doing fruits, veggies and gluten-free/egg-free bread products. We'll "test" out a taste of egg, which he's also had before, in a week or so to rule out an egg allergy since the breads he'd eaten on his three sick days all had eggs listed as ingredients. But so far we've been vomit-free during our gluten avoidance.

One of our first foods after his upset tummy was applesauce, which we fed him BLW style as best we could...by allowing him to control his loaded spoon.
I load his small spoon with a touch of applesauce at the end and let him hold onto the spoon and guide it into his mouth. I just balance the end of the spoon for him until he gets it into his mouth and then let go. (I had to let go for the photo)

It was a bit of a mess at first, but he's really starting to get the hang of it. (I've learned that long plastic bibs are futile because they come untucked from the table and get food on the underside.) The advancement in his hand coordination is amazing to watch and really disappointing for Feeney as the dropped food incidents decrease.

We've got some more spoonable foods on the menu and more difficult to hold fruits and veggies. His little hands seem to be ready for a little more complex maneuvering soon.

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  1. That's too bad :( Poor guy.

    I really liked this site for my 2 little ones.


    I actually waited until 7/8ish months to actually introduce anything to my second and then mostly did BLW style, but with little pieces. She's a great eater at 2.


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