BLW: Baby Led Wednesday - Foods with Handles

After last week's misadventures with avocado and baby M's inability to actually get any in his mouth, a friend suggested leaving the skin on fruits and veggies to give a bit of a "handle." So this week's focus was on foods with grippy skins.

We tried a banana with a handle first by washing it well and then cutting a piece of banana and removing skin to expose only two inches of fruit.
Baby M annihilated the fruit in minutes. He gagged out a chunk, grabbed it off his bib with his hand and somehow got it back into his mouth. It was an impressive move since he hasn't mastered opening his palm and shoving food into his mouth yet.

I discovered that banana leaves nasty brown stains on everything. Thankfully a good soaking in oxyclean got his waterproof bib and his embroidered crab onesie that I made clean. We undressed him down to a diaper for his next adventures.

For our next grippy food we tried a triangle of cantaloupe with the well-scrubbed skin still on. Baby M was able to get a very good grip on it with one of the triangles pointing down and a long side in his mouth. He used his bottom gums to scrape out quite a bit of fruit!
As the food got wetter with drool, it got slippier and kept moving to the sides of his tray as he reached for it. Baby M would lean over to grab the food and then use the tray to hold it in his mouth while he leaned over at a weird angle. Since one of the rules of BLW safety is that the baby must be upright and not slouching or reclined, we propped his sides first with a coffee can:
Before switching to two bottles down by his hips, which restricted his arm movement much less than the coffee.

Still on the grippy list, but much less so was a half a peach, pit removed. The peach fuzz managed to stay rough enough and the size was large enough that baby M was able to hold it in his mouth for long periods of time while he worked at gnawing away the fruit inside. It was a hit and the first thing he reached for several times.

Finally we tried corn on the cob, cooked a little longer than those of us with teeth prefer it cooked. It proved to be a little frustrating because it was a little slippery. Baby M reached for it at least a dozen times though and whined with frustration when I handed it to him and then took my hands away as soon as he put his on it and before he could manage a good taste.
With BLW you can't ever put food in the baby's mouth, he has to do it all on his own so he can manage the size and placement. He's learning where to put the food so he can move it around safely. I had to hold myself back several times from "helping" him with the corn. I did, however, sit it on its end in front of him so he could grab it without launching it off the side of his tray...where Feeney patiently waited ;)

Overall, grippy foods proved to be a success this week! And most of all, it was fun!
 Next we're trying some drier foods and adding in some cooked foods too.

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  1. This is incredibly interesting! We don't have kids yet, but this is something I'll want to remember for when we do.

  2. Haha, he looks like he's having so much fun. I hadn't even thought of corn on the cob--we'll have to try that! Okay, and how do you not be totally paranoid he's going to choke on something the whole time? It's freaking me out way more than I thought it would.

    1. He loves this, it's hilarious! He's gagged up quite a bit and I'm starting to get used to it. I'm always sitting right next to him with my legs out from under the table so I can jump up quickly. Plus, I don't strap him into the seat, I just have him jammed in there with the infant seat and tray. I'm going to take an infant CPR class soon, but have read the basics. I'm very laid back with most things with him as long as he's safe. I figure I just have to go with the advice and follow it closely with this one!

  3. oh yay so happy to see you're doing BLW! our little one just turned 5 mos old, so i've eagerly been following your adventures with maddox since you're a little ahead of us! i'm looking forward to trying BLW soon (we're not quite sitting up unassisted yet), so loving the updates on how its going and what foods you're giving the cutie pie!


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