Bring on the Sunshine!

One of my favorites houses in our neighborhood has a little patio that I love. I stare at their little shaded oasis like a stalker ever time Feeney and I walk past their house. A few weeks ago I realized that what I like most about their patio is the navy blue umbrella that always seems to be open in the morning. So a few weeks ago when World Market was having their patio furniture sale, S and I bought our own navy blue umbrella and stand for our new patio.
It was super simple to set up and we had our own shaded oasis in no time.
The umbrella has tiny LED lights on the umbrella supports and a thermometer on the pole, which is kind of cool if you happen to be sitting out there wondering just how freaking hot it is. But we haven't put an exterior outlet on the shed yet, so we haven't been able to try out the LED lights. 
It's nice to have a little shade on the patio whenever we want it now, rather than having to wait 'til the sun hits the shed just right. Bring on the sunshine!

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