"Complete Purchase"

I bit the bullet and hit "complete purchase" today. Baby M's crib is on the way! Special thank you to my work - the Amex gift card they gave me at my baby shower last fall just bought this crib:
It's the Baby Mod Parklane from WalMart. I used ebates and got 1% cash back (every little bit counts!) applied a $9 store credit and paid for the rest with gift cards.

It should be delivered early next week and I plan to paint the front of the drawer with old navy to match baby M's bookshelves as soon as it arrives. I can't wait to share photos of baby M's updated "I'm a big baby now" nursery.

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  1. My favorite choice!! It's going to look so custom with the navy drawer - and that drawer will be so handy for extra whatevers...


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