The Mad Crib Dash

We took a long weekend for S's first Father's Day and enjoyed some relaxing time near the water. Baby M took some serious naps in his Bob on the deck and enjoyed his new red tree swing.
When we returned home the FedEx truck pulled up as we were unpacking the car. S helped the delivery driver bring the 83 pound box up our front steps and he and I carried it up to baby M's room together. Despite its giant size and weight everything inside arrived in perfect condition (in only four business days and for 97 cents for shipping!)

We decided that because baby M had spent two restless nights in a pack-n-play, we'd continue with the upheaval and make the switch to the crib straight away. S unpacked all of the pieces before his helpers joined him to read the instructions while I put sheets on the mattress airing out in the guest room.

Assembly began at 5:40pm, 20 minutes before our nightly routine begins. Baby M was much more interested in Feeney than in the giant white pieces of crib propped all around him.
And everything was fun and games until....
The drill came out and then it was all downhill. Baby M met the noise of the drill with a little trepidation....
That quickly turned to all-out wails and a full-on give-me-my-bath-now meltdown. I scooped him up and whisked him off to the bucket while S continued the mad dash to finish the crib before M's belly was full and eyelids got heavy.

At 7:20 we lay baby M down in his new crib, fully assembled and larger than life. I stood speechless for a few minutes as I watched my baby twirl around 180 degrees, grab his lovey and scoot himself tight into the corner as if he were still in his little cradle. The crib is seriously huge.

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