Whew, that Feels Good

I just packaged up the last of the June wedding orders for our sail bags.
This last order was for six bags, which felt like it took forever to complete. Life has certainly changed this year; I just can't pull a couple of all-nighters to sew six bags in one weekend anymore! Someone wakes up at 7:30 in the morning no matter what time his momma went to bed.
It was also a tough time to have so many orders lined up because S was away for most of the past few months and I've been on solo momma duty. Baby M and I definitely have our little routine down and we're enjoying our M&M (mommy and Maddie) time. Shhh, don't tell S I call him Maddie, it drives him nuts!

Two of the bags in this last order used the new hot pink monogram fabric I recently added to our stock; it's shocking and awesome!
Baby M also got his very own "M" bag with a red monogram. It's the fourth daycare bag we'll have dropped him with over the course of three months. He's definitely his momma's boy.

I have a couple of single bag orders to finish up over the next two weeks and then we might close up shop for the summer before opening up again in September to start on custom sail Christmas stockings. Baby M and I have big plans for July and August and I'm not sure I want to tote our bag supplies along with us. It feels great to have these big orders complete!

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