Getting Ready

Do you know what this is?
It's the view into our very empty dining room - and the frog seat of baby M's jumperoo, which kind of looks like it's peering into our very empty dining room. Kind of creepy.

We moved all the furniture out and pushed the dining room table to the side in preparation for our custom hutch delivery. Woohoo! We actually did a bit more work than just moving furniture out; we took down the long curtains that I made when we first moved into our house.
I liked the way they looked and how they tied together the dining and living rooms since we had the same curtains in the living room. But now that we have a baby swing in the dining room and that jumperoo straddling the two rooms, it's just getting too crowded. Not to mention we use baby M's chair on a daily basis, which takes up a ton of space too now that we don't have it tucked in a corner.
Plus, our hutches are built to fit the spaces next to the window snugly, so the curtains had to go. They were easy enough to take down. We just unhooked each of the pinch pleat hooks, slid them out from the back of the curtain and stuck them in a ziplock bag for storage. S removed the hanging rod completely and we spackled over the holes with a little joint compound. After sanding, I touched up the white spots with a little matching wall paint.

We need to have some kind of window covering for privacy, so S bought a pair of the same white faux wood blinds that we have throughout the upstairs. They were quick to install and I hate to admit it, but I like them more than the curtains I slaved over. I actually think I want to nix the curtains in the living room too. And now that I'm working on new slipcovers for Feeney's living room dog bed (which previously matched the curtains), it might be time to go with blinds. Oh the hours I spent on those curtains!

With everything in place the room is ready for its new hutches. I can't wait to show you how awesome these things are - and awesome they are...holy huge!

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  1. I can't wait to see how the new built in's look!


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