Going Navy

As I mentioned the other day, we now have white and navy blue sheets on our master bedroom bed. The change got me longing for a palette change in our house. I want to introduce more navy blue. Obviously we’ve got the nursery covered and we’ve made a start with our bedroom. The guest rooms' bedding are mostly navy too. So really on a few accessories here and there could make an impact.

Where to start then? With the two largest fabric-covered things in our house: dog beds and pillows. Feeney has two beds, one in our room and one in the living room. For the living room I’ve chosen this Ikat pattern and will use either a navy or a white piping around the edges.
And since I love to coordinate Feeney’s bed with the rest of the living area (currently his bed and the curtains are the same fabric) I’ll use the same fabric to make pillow covers for the couch pillows.

We have eight pillows in our living room and that would be a lot of Ikat so we’ll also keep using some of our white pillow covers and I’ll make a few in solid navy twill…which I’ll also use to cover Feeney’s bed in our room. I love the contrast of the white piping on the nursery glider, so I’ll recreate the look using the same navy twill and white piping for Feeney.
The fabric is ordered and on its way and I’m hoping to be finished with the sewing by the time August rolls around and I open up our etsyshop for Christmas stocking sales. I hope just a few sewing projects will make a big visual change, otherwise I may be pulling out the paint brush and convincing S that we need to paint a navy blue accent wall!

Are you itching to change the color scheme in your home? Anyone else with a home small enough like ours that just a few touches can change the whole look (hopefully!)?

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