Baby Led Wednesday: Blueberries

I was hesitant to try blueberries. They just seemed so small when compared to other foods, except for maybe puffs. And since puffs dissolve in the mouth and berries do not, I saw them as kind of difficult to eat. Silly me for denying baby M his favorite food for all these weeks.

It started with one berry slightly crushed between my fingers just so the skin breaks and it's more of a berry disk than at round berry. I put it on his tray and he grabbed it with his whole hand and somehow managed to smush it into his mouth.

Three dozen berry-disks later, I cut him off. And I've been doing the same every morning for a week now.

It may just be coincidence, but baby M all of a sudden developed his pincher grip this week. He picked up a blueberry between his thumb and forefinger and stuck it in his mouth. Just like that, a major milestone all thanks to delicious blueberries. Yum.

Yesterday we did blueberry pancakes for breakfast (made with Bob's gluten free mix). Huge hit.
Huge mess.

Nothing a little shampoo to the face and OxyClean to the bib can't fix!

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  1. I'm storing this BLW stuff away for when I have kids. The concept is awesome. Our nieces and nephew are such picky eaters and I think this would help with that!

    1. You must! It's so much fun and way easier than purees. Plus it kind of makes me want to be more creative with our meals again. So far he loves everything, including bloody mary mix. Shhh, don't tell ;)


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