Obsessed with Dye

I recently discovered Dylon fabric dye and I'm kind of obsessed. All my previous attempts to dye things with Rit dye were sitting on a shelf in a closet - several purple onesies that were supposed to be navy blue - until, on a whim, I bought a few packets of Dylon.
Oh my goodness, this stuff is so wonder! The colors! So intense. Maybe I was doing something wrong with the other brand, but I'm not going back. With colors like china blue, bahama blue, sunflower yellow and flamingo pink, they make me want to dye everything.
Like pink onesies to applique and have on hand for gifts and yellow onesies to embroider with navy blue "N's" for football season. And china blue onesies 'cause they look so pretty with my baby's eyes.
I've got a new obsession with dying. The good kind. Anyone else?

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  1. Anonymous8/11/2012

    Where did you find it? I've only seen RIT in stores around here (northern Jersey).
    Kathy from NJ
    RBottonister at yahoo dot com

    1. Hi Kathy,
      I found it at a local fabric store and at Joann's. I know it's sold on Amazon too, but it's more expensive there than Joann's (I think I paid $2.99 per packet). Good luck!

  2. oooooh, I can't wait to try this! My Rit projects always come out dull!


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