Lock 'em Up

S took the day off today to work on a project that just can't wait 'til the weekend.

We're knee-deep in baby gates, cabinet locks, outlet protectors and general where on earth are we going to put all this stuff.
When do babies learn, "no"?

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  1. They understand the word "No" well before they actually pay attention to it :) It's a frequently frustrating and occasionally adorable process.

  2. When they're 35?

    Just kidding. Mostly. I know that my little girl understood "no" by the time she could walk, and my son understood it pretty soon after that as well. Whether they listen or not... well, that's a whole 'nother story depending on temperament and how enticing the "no" thing is. I found with both that rather than just a flat no, explaining did help -- "Hot! No touch! Ouchie!" etc.. but I still used gates because nobody can see every move every second! Don't worry -- they outgrow the gates pretty fast -- by 18mos you probably won't need them (except for maybe stairs -- I kept mine up longer on the stairs).



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