The Un-Built-Ins, this is Big

Now that you all know baby M and I have been off in paradise for the summer while S sweats it out at home, it’s high time I share what’s waiting for us when we return.

Seriously, y'all these things have been in our dining room since a few days before baby M and I left for Maine in June! I snapped these photos just before mayhem hit. And by mayhem I mean I put all our worldly possessions in the dining room before cramming them all in the car. Travelling light is so 1990’s.

I made a conscious decision not to fill our new un-built-ins with our serving ware, china, little ceramic birds, dog cookies, whatever before leaving. See, I hate leaving Maine at the end of the summer. It’s like ripping off the biggest, stickiest, most painful bandaid to say goodbye to my family, friends and the little paradise we call “the farm.” So having something fun to return to makes the exit more bearable. Last year it was the nursery. This year it’s these massive beauties!

Massive. They are so huge. We measured about 50 times before giving the specs to Joe, thankfully. They fit the area next to the dining room window like a glove. A well fitting glove.

Each unit is two pieces. They had to be, otherwise they'd be too heavy to lift and too large to get through the front door. As it is, they're too heavy for me to lift with S. Even so, we're going to secure them to the wall, lest the monkey tries to scale them once he starts walking tomorrow. He'd have to be wearing a backpack weighing 150lbs to topple them, but you never know, a backpack full of law books weighs 150 easily. And baby M might skip right past board books.

The glass panes in the top doors are tempered glass, a safety measure we hope we never test. The doors are all on sliders to save the floor space that swinging doors require. The shelves are all adjustable. I love the pull hardware.
Joe even thought to put leveling feet on the bottom of the legs. Thank goodness he did. There's nothing level about our house.
The best part of our un-built-ins is that they can move with us and we don’t have to leave them with the house whenever we end up moving again. We cannot get so lucky as to not have to move twice. It doesn't happen like that.

We are so impressed with the quality of the construction. Joe from Northwood Customs is an artist. Amazing. I’m drawing plans for our next custom furniture request….

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  1. Anonymous8/04/2012

    Those are gorgeous. I can't wait to see them when you've filled them up!

  2. I love them! The hardware is perfect. Have fun filling them up!

  3. Those are STUNNING! I love their refined simplicity...and how they play so nicely against your gorgeous light fixture! Just love the room! ~Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  4. So so nice! And I really appreciate the detail of the leveling feet since I live in an old house built in 1932 - nothing level or square about it!

  5. Felis! They look even better than the plans!! I love them!


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