BLW: Baby Led Wednesday – Watermelon

Baby M looooves watermelon. His first taste was at a daycare buddy’s third birthday party and he’s been hooked ever since. But I just don’t think I’m going to be able to keep watermelon on the menu anymore, at least not for the rest of this season.

No matter how I cut it, slice it or wedge it, baby M gags on watermelon. I don’t know what it is about the fruit, it’s definitely soft enough and mashes up easily, but for whatever reason no matter how it’s served he manages to bite off a big piece and it gets gagged up again. 

Most recently I cut finger sized pieces – long rectangles that I thought were the perfect solution. And they were, til he gagged on them yesterday. I can sit back and let him gag his food up for a few unpanicked , but I obviously can’t give him foods I know he’ll gag on. So sorry, little buddy, watermelon is off the menu ‘til next summer.

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  1. I knew a little boy who was the same way! His problem with gagging (I think) was that he would eat so fast he'd get tired of chewing and then stop for a second to take a breath and with watermelon still ion his mouth, he'd gag... kids are so funny! I know my little one loves this food and will literally pant in between mouthsful... silly!


    1. I think that's what it is - he loves watermelon so much he eats it too fast!


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