Get Me a Smoking Jacket

After I finished painting the trim around the new floors in my office, S and I moved my furniture back into place. I thought about moving my desk to the "play" side of the room for a change, but it would mean blocking a window since my desk is higher than the windowsill. I'm really not a fan of blocking windows, so we just put everything back where it came from.

While we were at it, I mucked out a bunch of files that have built up over the past year and generally cleaned house in here. Who ignores their to-do pile for a full year? Might be time to request baby M's birth certificate now, no? Probably too late to submit an insurance claim for last fall's flu shot though.

And here it is, my relatively tidy work area with new hardwood floors. We had to move the orchid table to this side of the room so I can block baby M from pulling up and sharpening his nails on the terracotta pots.
I also put a baby gate under my desk to block his little fingers from the cords, outlets and powerstrips that live under there. That paper shredder kind of freaks me out a bit, but I tend to keep it unplugged most of the time. Plus, he'd need to scale mount mommy's legs and be quite unsupervised to get at it.
On the other side of the room we have the "play" area. Known right now as the side of the room where I place baby M on the floor and he sits for zero time as he beelines for mount mommy's legs over at the desk, the terracotta pots or the paper shredder. Or the door where he stands, licks the glass and whines to get out so he can put his little hands in the dog's water dish. Poor dog is thirsty with all his water bowls on top of tables and dressers these days. He makes up for it by drinking all the water in baby M's bath. Time to get out mommy, water's all gone!
The very first thing baby M did in his play area was smash that little orange, wooden bear toy on the floor. I don't think it made a mark, but S panicked, I shrugged (making it obvious who did more of the work on this project) and he hauled in one of his carpets from upstairs. I protested and asked whether he really wanted baby M spitting up on his carpets. Unfortunately baby M doesn't really spit up anymore and my really weak argument was overruled.
It's very regal in here. Get me a dark leather club chair and matching smoking jackets for baby M and me, stat. Tweed for fall, maybe a herringbone?
I quickly added an Angela Adams carpet to my Christmas wishlist. I'm pretty sure it's going to remain just that, a wish. S said they have carpets with "girly" colors in Bahrain that he could bring home. Girly colors like burgundy and dark green. Whatevs, S, burgundy is not girly. For once I wish he'd be all, "let's go carpet shopping in Portland, Maine!" Instead of, "I'm going carpet shopping in Bahrain" and I'm all "you'd better be shopping for yo' momma, buddy."

But all joking aside, I do like the way the carpet looks in here. Especially when I'm enjoying a fine scotch and smoking cigars on a Wednesday afternoon. While sitting on my giant purple ball.
I'm kind of in love with the way the floors turned out. I think that really does mean that we're done with this room. Oh no wait, no we're not. We've still got to do the HVAC duct from the main house. So we're not done with this room, but it looks really good, no?

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