Hutches, Styled

This one is for you, Barbara ;-)

The other day while Baby M was napping and S was off somewhere or other, I spent some time finally putting our new dining room hutches to use. And the funny thing is, as much as we're dying for storage space, we didn't actually fill them up completely. Well, that's half true, the glass-front top of one hutch is barely filled but both bottom, hidden storage areas are full.

I tried displaying my rainbow nesting bowls and our wooden salad bowls, but with those things behind the glass fronts, the hutches started to look a little cluttered. So I stuck with glass and white items only.
The glass doors are super heavy and they don't roll open very easily, so I stuck with displaying stuff that we don't use all that often, but often enough that we want it upstairs. On the right, I moved our F&S mugs from the kitchen over from the kitchen and the rest of the stuff on the right came from our pantry - popcorn bowls, a cake stand and several serving platters.
On the left I stole the ceramic birds from the living room and the little square plates that we actually do use every day.
Over in the hutch on the other side of the room I displayed our crystal.
And that's when I came up short. The right side is empty. We need more crystal.

Underneath this side I put our china in its red storage bags on one side - there are no plate grooves in the hutches and I didn't want to risk putting any plates behind the crystal only to have everything fall and break. And on the other side, placemats, napkins and my giant Le Creuset, which takes up an entire shelf.

Underneath the right hutch is the space I'm loving the most. We're storing Baby M's daycare bag, my diaper bag, purse, etc. on one side and S's gym bag and all of Feeney's stuff on the other.
It is so nice not to have those bags sitting out in the living room. Seriously, of all the new storage, this one area is my favorite. Love. That's not to say that I don't still long for a mud room; what you can't see here is the shoe rack sitting just across from the dining room table.

Hauling all this stuff up from the pantry made it possible for me to finally organize the pantry and put things where I can access them easily. Who knew I had three bundt pans!? And those mini muffins trays I bought? Turns out I already had some. Darn.

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  1. Those hutches are beautiful! So substantial. Your carpenter did a wonderful job. I have the perfect spot for one but a giant antique (inherited) sideboard lives there and has no other home. Someday!

  2. Love it! I think the fat little bird is my favorite. And hidden storage space is a magical thing, isn't it?


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