I Feel Like a Project

This morning we woke up and S turned to me and said, "I feel like a project." And so the office flooring project begins.

We bought extra boxes of engineered hardwood flooring when we did the basement floors last spring/summer. We had chosen a discontinued color that best matches the floor in the main sections of our house, so buying extra boxes at the time made sense. It's been stored under the bed in the guest room downstairs, which means it's acclimated to the house (especially since we've had the a/c off all week, woohoo!) All we really need to do is clear out my office and get to work.

S took the day off today, but I'm working. He just dropped Baby M off at daycare and stopped to buy underlay stuff on his way home. We're going to put the underlay and flooring right on top of the peel and stick tiles, which are laid on plywood that was new three years ago. We tried prying one off tile without much success; I think we'll get a smoother surface if we just let them be.

Here's hoping this project doesn't present too many obstacles; there are only so many hours of naps on the weekends when daycare isn't an option!

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