Big Butt Baby Pants

I've been sewing for baby M again lately - finally finding the time after many months of very little free time and little inspiration. After sewing so much for his nursery, I hardly had any ideas left! Enter the Big Butt Baby Pant pattern from Made by Rae. A couple of my girlfriends with babies the same age as M were sewing and posting photos of theirs on Facebook, which was just what I needed to get the sewing bug again.
After the first pair, which I made following the pattern exactly (top left photo below), I started adding pockets, flat fronts and contrasting bums. The bottom pair are the latest, made with fine wale corduroy - one pair with whale bums, the other with owl bums.
Of course, I just have crummy phone photos of the first two pairs. Side note: I don't understand why my iPhone takes the.worst.photos.ever. when others get blog-worthy shots. Please, what's the secret?

And the latest pair in corduroy with a contrasting bum and pockets, so cozy!
The Big Butt Baby Pant pattern is easy peasy to follow, but make sure to check out her errata page - she gives a tip for keeping the crotch area from bunching. The pattern costs $10; go ahead, support a fellow blogger.

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  1. Anonymous10/19/2012

    These are adorable! Maddox is so freaking cute in them.

    As for the iPhone, which one do you have? I believe photo capabilities increased significantly between the 4 and 4s. I have no knowledge of the 5. Two other thoughts: 1. My iPhone pics are AWFUL when taken in low light, so I always try to get good lighting situations. 2. It could be your case. I read lots of reviews of cases online before picking one and lots of people complained that they case caused bad pics.



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