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Last Tuesday when Katie posted about the latest Pinterest Challenge, I was psyched to join in. I've missed every single one to date. Nothing could stop me time time 'round. I was so in! Tuesday night I started sifting through my boards, hunting for the pin of a project I had in mind. Along the way I found several recipes my growling tummy insisted I try. And so hatched the week of Pinterest Challenge: Tummy Style.

Night one was the Salted Caramel Cake in a Cup. It was nothing to write home about. I love the idea of single serving cakes or cookies in a mug, but they seem to fall short. I think the issue is that they always call for one egg. So the egg-to-flour ratio is way off producing a dry end result. Think of a brownie mix: if you want fudgey, moist brownies you add one egg, cake-like, dry brownies, you add two. So with these cakes and cookies in a cup you're using an entire egg for 1/12 the amount of dry ingredients. Next time I think I'll try leaving out the egg and using an appropriate ratio of an egg substitute that you'd find in a vegan recipe. I'll let you know how it works out.

On to night two when I made one of our favorites from a year or two ago: Cinnamon Sugar Pull-Apart Bread. Just as AMAZING as the first time around, just as gone in one day as the first time around. Tip: if you plan to make this bread, don't plan to eat for a few days leading up to it 'cause you're going to need to save up your calories for the gorge-fest about to happen.

On night three I made baked mini donuts using one of my favorite recipes, but instead of cinnamon and nutmeg, I added mini chocolate chips. They were kind of like mini chocolate chip muffins and super delicious.
On the fourth night I made macaroni and cheese, classic and delicious. I was going to use Annie's Spicy Mac & Cheese recipe, but then at the last minute I was in a classic mac mood and decided not to add the spice. I left out the peppers, onions and used straight-up cheddar cheese. Then, instead of a crumb topping, I sprinkled it with cheese. I always use a crumb topping and it's always the part we avoid when serving ourselves. There's nothing better than more cheese with your mac & cheese.

On the fifth night, in the midst of prepping for hurricane Sandy, I made Enchilada Pasta Casserole. I used green enchilada sauce because that's what we had on hand. Fail. As I was putting it all together I tried to salvage it with lots more corn, which helped, but it was all still kind of blah. Maybe a red enchilada sauce would give it the kick that it needed, but it was just blah. S ate his with Tabasco and I didn't eat mine. I'm not a big pasta fan and the casserole was just as much work to make as regular enchiladas. We'll stick with regular next time.

On the sixth night (afternoon) Hurricane Sandy hit us hard. We lost power and we've been in the dark ever since. I started work on a big Pinterest Challenge house project in the living room, but without light, I have no good photos. I did manage to wield a paintbrush quite nicely in relative darkness though...more to come as soon as the power lines are set free from a massive tree.
 thankfully no one was hurt and no houses were crushed when the poor old tree fell. It made a huge explosion of a sound and I saw the top branches hit from our front door. Poor old tree.

So all in all I'd give the recipes mixed results. Hooray for pull apart bread, mac & cheese and mini baked donuts. Boo to enchilada pasta and cake in a cup. And boo to you, happy Halloween!

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  1. i think i need some mini donuts in my life. and so glad you guys are safe!!!!!!


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