Power's Out

We never lose power here. Maybe a few blips here and there, but never for extended periods of time like others in our metro area. I mean there are people who have gone weeeeeeks without power after a storm here.

So today when we lost power in the middle of the work day, I stood up and walked into the kitchen to fill up my water bottle, fully expecting the power to cycle back on in a minute or two. After a few minutes of nothing at all, I called the power company. Then ten minutes later I called again and got an update that power should be restored in 5-6 hours. Um. I've got deadlines.

I packed up my laptop (and my pump, but we won't get into that) and headed out to our local library. Which was also without power. So I trucked to the next nearest library where I set up shop for the afternoon. I had a bit of nostalgia for law school while I was there; I missed having some of my closest girlfriends in the carrels next to me. And of course I missed being able to nap in the middle of the day.

The power outage reminded me of two things. First, we need to find a freezer to replace the one we have currently - not to buy straight away, but to watch and know is available when ours dies. We bought ours used five years ago and know it can't last forever. The problem is, the custom built spot we created for it in the basement, which fits it perfectly...doesn't fit other freezers on the market. That and missing a three-way switch in one spot are our only basement regrets. I have a lot of liquid gold in that freezer, we need to be able to produce a replacement ASAP when needed.

And second, I saw a bit on the news the other night about smoke alarms. We need to make sure we have photoelectric smoke alarms in our house and not just an ionization alarm. Watch the clip, it's worth the couple minutes of your time.

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  1. Feel free to use our basement freezer should you ever need it. We have plenty of room for your emergency stash :)


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