School Day Today

I'm at school today for Grandparents and Special Friends day at S's middle-school-aged cousin's school. She invited me as her special friend and I'm so happy and honored to be here.

It's been five years since I sat in a law school classroom and let me tell you, this auditorium blows any of my law school classrooms out of the water!

There's really nothing like the prospect of spending the morning with middle schoolers to make me realize a. how much of my clothing does not fit well (hello dress pants, you're making me look like a hoochie momma) and b. how not current my work-from-home wardrobe is these days! I did manage to find a pair of black pants with generous vanity sizing to pair with a hot pink boat neck T I bought yesterday while shopping for supplies for M's first birthday party. I've paired the whole outfit with these shoes:

And a patterned pink scarf. I've got my coat off and hello, you can spot me in the crowd. If not for my shirt then for the fact that I'm the youngest guest in the room ;) There are some impressively young looking grandparents here though!

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Glitter + Cookies

There's no bad day that can't be fixed with a little glitter and chocolate chip cookies.

TGIF for sure.

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Our Weekend & the New Phone

After selling my iPhone 4 for more than the cost of a new iPhone 5 (with contract) on Friday, we skipped on over to the Apple store where I became the proud owner of a new iPhone 5. Proud and cautious - this thing is really thin. I'm watching the mailbox for the hard case that I ordered to arrive.

So in the spirit of testing out the new phone's camera, here's just a bit of what we did this Veteran's Day holiday weekend.

We bought a few trees on sale. A flowering pear for the front and three red maples.

Baby M helped with the planting.
And the raking.
We went to swim lessons and on our run home M and I stopped at two open houses with side additions like we're contemplating. One was nice the other was too cramped, but had this enclosure built around the ac unit that I liked.
We watched football and ate guacamole and hummus. Yum!
M hoped to find more under his plate. For a wee skinny boy, he certainly can eat. I think he must sleep it all off.
We mucked out the attic, throwing away the boxes and packaging for all the baby items we used. We'd kept everything so that whatever we didn't use, we'd be able to return. We have a small bag of little things to return. M practiced advanced stair climbing on the attic ladder.
We topped off our weekend with an afternoon of lunch and play at Nola and Grandpa's house where M ate two huge servings of chili and salad then played with beads after climbing their stairs dozens of times.
...'til he crashed and slept for 14.5 hours straight last night.

Was a great special weekend celebrating S, Grandpa and M's uncles and all that they do for the country we love!

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I Think I'm Excited

I've been taking crummy iPhone photos for a while. Like this one:

And this one:

And this:

And this:

And this one:

And this:

And while ones like this:

Look just fine on my phone, they don't look so hot here. You told me that the iPhone 5 takes better photos than my iPhone 4. But I can't really buy a new phone just for its camera. I mean, that's what my camera is for. But S has needed a new phone for at least a year now and last night we finally went out and bought the iPhone that baby M and I "gave" him for Father's Day.

Once we got home with the new phone I got a little jealous. The photos really were better than my phone's. And it's new and shiny. Well mine is still shiny; I haven't even taken its charger out of the box in the two years I've owned it! So S suggested I sell my phone and buy a new one, but only if I could sell my phone for more than the new phone costs. So I listed it on Amazon...and it sold. Ten minutes after I listed it. For more than the cost of a new phone! No auction, no hassle, it sold just like that. (I just need to sign a new contract, which isn't a big deal since I've had AT&T for, gulp, 15 years anyway.) So I guess that means I'm getting a new phone after work tonight.

Getting a new phone was a pipe dream a couple weeks ago, I'm starting to get excited that I'm going to get one tonight. I just wish I didn't get attached to things like my old phone that's been so many places with me. Sorry old phone, at least I've got your photos.

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Fall Favorites

It's been gloriously chilly for the past week or so. I love that I have to wear gloves and baby M has to wear a hat when we take the dog for a walk in the morning. And don't even get me started on scarves. I have more scarves than there are cool days in Virginia and am determined to wear more this year than I have in the past few winters.

Baby M has been wearing his winter jacket and socks and sneaks every day to daycare. They go to park every day so he has to have layers. We're keeping the house downright chilly at night so he's wearing a few layers to bed. I leave his long sleeve onesie on under his daytime outfits so he'll be extra toasty. More often than not, however, I end up picking up a baby who's stripped down to just a onesie and pants - daycare momma keeps her house toooooasty.

Along with all that toasty clothing, we're eating lots of our warm-in-my-belly favorite fall foods. Like this corn chowder, this split pea soup, this pumpkin bread with cream cheese filling and Halloween candy. Yeah, I conveniently "forgot" to put out all our candy on Halloween. Kinda regretting that now.
What fall favorites are you cooking now that the weather's getting cooler?

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First Pizza

I bought a package of Bob's gluten free pizza crust mix for M a few weeks ago and finally mixed it up last night. I made him a dozen individual pizzas with some Classico sausage tomato sauce and part-skim shredded mozzarella.

I sprinkled them with red pepper flakes, garlic powder and onion powder. I baked the crusts for about 8 minutes before topping and baking for another 10. When they were done, I froze all but one, which I saved out for breakfast this morning.

The reaction is pure delight for his little taste buds.

He's ripping off bites like he actually has a mouthful of teeth, which he does not. And to round it all out, he's washing his first pizza down with some nice warm split pea soup.

Breakfast of champions.

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