Our Weekend & the New Phone

After selling my iPhone 4 for more than the cost of a new iPhone 5 (with contract) on Friday, we skipped on over to the Apple store where I became the proud owner of a new iPhone 5. Proud and cautious - this thing is really thin. I'm watching the mailbox for the hard case that I ordered to arrive.

So in the spirit of testing out the new phone's camera, here's just a bit of what we did this Veteran's Day holiday weekend.

We bought a few trees on sale. A flowering pear for the front and three red maples.

Baby M helped with the planting.
And the raking.
We went to swim lessons and on our run home M and I stopped at two open houses with side additions like we're contemplating. One was nice the other was too cramped, but had this enclosure built around the ac unit that I liked.
We watched football and ate guacamole and hummus. Yum!
M hoped to find more under his plate. For a wee skinny boy, he certainly can eat. I think he must sleep it all off.
We mucked out the attic, throwing away the boxes and packaging for all the baby items we used. We'd kept everything so that whatever we didn't use, we'd be able to return. We have a small bag of little things to return. M practiced advanced stair climbing on the attic ladder.
We topped off our weekend with an afternoon of lunch and play at Nola and Grandpa's house where M ate two huge servings of chili and salad then played with beads after climbing their stairs dozens of times.
...'til he crashed and slept for 14.5 hours straight last night.

Was a great special weekend celebrating S, Grandpa and M's uncles and all that they do for the country we love!

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  1. Yay iPhone 5! Your pictures are more crisper than before. Hope you love the new phone!


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