School Day Today

I'm at school today for Grandparents and Special Friends day at S's middle-school-aged cousin's school. She invited me as her special friend and I'm so happy and honored to be here.

It's been five years since I sat in a law school classroom and let me tell you, this auditorium blows any of my law school classrooms out of the water!

There's really nothing like the prospect of spending the morning with middle schoolers to make me realize a. how much of my clothing does not fit well (hello dress pants, you're making me look like a hoochie momma) and b. how not current my work-from-home wardrobe is these days! I did manage to find a pair of black pants with generous vanity sizing to pair with a hot pink boat neck T I bought yesterday while shopping for supplies for M's first birthday party. I've paired the whole outfit with these shoes:

And a patterned pink scarf. I've got my coat off and hello, you can spot me in the crowd. If not for my shirt then for the fact that I'm the youngest guest in the room ;) There are some impressively young looking grandparents here though!

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