Christmas Stocking Stuffers

I finished the majority of my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. It wasn’t too hard, I didn’t buy much (sorry, S, your list wasn’t long enough.) M is getting a play kitchen, some play food and a few things I bought second-hand from a local mom network. S is getting a box of air that I hope he loves as much as his son will. For everyone else on my very short list, I shopped online.

For the first time this year I’ve bought most of my stocking stuffers online too. I don’t know why I never really have in the past – usually I just pick up this and that when I’m out and about – at the grocery store, pharmacy, wherever. I always get S some kind of grooming item for his stocking – as simple as a toothbrush and some soap (what else am I going to find at the grocery store!?) to a new electric razor one year.

This year I’m ordering the grooming stuff online. I seriously hate in-store shopping in this season, the stores are so crowded and lines so long. P&G has an eStore where you can buy all of the household and beauty supplies they offer. I’ve been browsing through and am finding a few things to add to S’s stocking. Unfortunately there’s no coal for sale, but I did find Oral-B electric toothbrushes that I think will be perfect. I know I’d love one - and I bet M would too, he's obsessed with his toothbrush right now.

When he was in high school my brother asked for an electric toothbrush. It was all a big joke in his French class when they all had write and speak wish lists in French. He made the electric toothbrush cool that year. Total trendsetter he was.

If you're still in need of some stocking stuffers, the P&G eStore is offering:
 15% off your first purchase using coupon code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA
 free shipping on $25 or more
 and free samples with every purchase

If you have any more stocking stuffers to buy, head on over to their eStore and fill up your cart. Christmas is only a week away!

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