First Christmas as a One Year Old

Last year M was 15 days old for Christmas, I had spent the night in the hospital with mastitis and we had Chinese take-out for dinner when I finally got home. It was hardly as awesome as Christmas with a one year old.

We all woke a little early when little M decided to wake up at 7:30 instead of his usual 8. After milkies in the living room we dove into stockings. M lead the charge pulling leggings, puffs, trucks, smoothies, a marshmallow Santa, an elephant bowl from the zoo, socks and....
A kazoo!
PawPaw got a matching one in his stocking too. M picked up on how it worked - perfectly when all you do is babble anyway - and we've been enjoying kazoo concerts ever since. While we emptied our over-stuffed stockings, M ate his breakfast of pumpkin pancakes and tons and tons of the blueberries we picked together last summer.
And when he was finished (in like, two seconds) we moved on to opening gifts under the tree. M hadn't gone into the living room yet to see what Santa had brought. We had put away all his toys the night before so he would actually see the stuff under the tree - he definitely saw it!
He went straight for the ice cream cones - that's mummy's boy! Then he moved on to his mega blocks, a mega hit.
He played with the box of his new dump truck, taking the dump off the truck and dropping it in the box:
Before moving on to opening wrapped presents:

He loves his hammering pegs toy from Mamie - it only took a few demos by Dada and PawPaw before he understood how to use it.
 We opened at least half of our gifts while M thoroughly played with his. Then he inspected the falling snow outside:
Since we had dinner reservations at 2:30, we paused for breakfast midway through gifts lest we fill up on sticky buns, sausage and eggs and be too full to gorge ourselves on lobster and prime rib later in the day. I cooked up a bunch of scrambled eggs and sausage while my mom arranged the pecan sticky buns I made the night before on a plate. S had a giant glass of eggnog, which M demanded he share. 
My child has never had any kind of milk except mummy's milk and now he's drinking eggnog. He's obsessed, of course. 

After breakfast we returned to the living room for more gifts. M got some fruit from Mamie & PawPaw that will be perfect for teaching fractions. The apple has four segments held together with magnets, the orange two and the pear three. He was really into the pear.
M is a one-nap-a-day kind of boy and that nap usually falls within a couple hours of waking, so he was very ready for a nap at this point, which translated into laying down and getting cozy with his orange.
After nap we suited up and went out into the fresh dusting of snow. M went for a ride in the sled that Mamie gave him earlier in the week.
Then he tested out some of the non-yellow snow with Lexi and Mummy, who at one in the afternoon, was still wearing Christmas PJs.
We all went inside and got ready for our big adventure to the Harraseeket Inn Grand Christmas Buffet. Check out M's and PawPaw's matching sweaters. M also has little trucks on his cords. So freaking cute. (Yes, that's S with the cute ghost face.)
S and I have been to the Grand Buffet once before and this year was as grand as the time before. It's so wonderful to go out for Christmas dinner. Especially when that dinner comes with as many lobsters as you care to eat.
Among other things, I had several lobster halves, a "retro wedge salad," duck, lamb, ham, haddock, goat cheese souffle and tastes of about five different desserts. We were there for two hours and M was a total rock star. He had a high chair next to mummy and his tiny diner set up on the table in front of him. He ate lots of smoked salmon, some smoke scallops, ham, watermelon, lobster dipped in butter and then puffs and yogurt bites one at a time to keep him occupied and happy the entire time. And when those yogurt bites ran out, he had some ice cream. Eggnog and ice cream in one day, thank you, Daddy. 

Before we left M had a quick go at the piano with the giant polar bear, which was very entertaining or the guests playing some stodgy old game next to us in the sitting area.
We drove home in the snow and played with new toys, opened one more gift, and left the remaining three gifts of M's for later. It was an excellent Christmas day - so much fun with my one year old!

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  1. Anonymous12/30/2012

    Love all of these photos of your Christmas!!! :) It really looks like such a great time and he is just the cutest little thing. Love the xmas jammies.


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