Happy Holiday Vacation!

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Little M and I have been on vacation for nearly two weeks now. S was away for a month so M and I were alone for a few weeks, then my mom flew down one night and we zipped up to Maine the next day in a record 11 hours. M was a rock star traveler. Seriously, a rock star. Upon our arrival M was reacquainted with his Maine nursery, we went on a few play dates, saw Santa for the second time:
That dude with the gray hair is so funny!

We found a Christmas tree on the farm:

and then kaboom, M got sick. The tree took a while to decorate since my mom got sick too. M was quite happy we put ornaments down low at his level here, which I didn't do at home. He's had a blast taking them off and trying to put them back on.

M was sick for a while. When he finally got better we took an afternoon trip to Pineland Farms to pick up some special treats for Christmas breakfast. We had lunch in the cafe and then because M was in a great mood, we went to visit all the animals. The calf barn was a huge hit. It's a nursery, so you're allowed to pick one calf to touch so that you don't pass germs around. M and I chose to pat Hunter. He was so curious and friendly. M thought he was very funny and so interesting! There was a cow born on M's birthday in one of the stalls. They were so sweet; I love cows.

They take very good care of the animals at Pineland Farms, but I still felt a little pang of sadness thinking of all the formula fed calves who live with one surrogate mummy.

S arrived on Saturday night, just in time for a little Christmas shopping and for me to get sick. Ugh. M transitioned from seeing "Dada" on my phone with FaceTime to in person well - he fed him his lovey, LE, through the slats of his crib when S went into the nursery to get him Sunday morning.

I rallied Monday afternoon and we took M to his first Christmas church service, despite having such a sore throat I could barely swallow. M crawled around in our enclosed pew for most of the hour-long service and was totally enthralled with the candles during Silent Night.
Of course he thought that when the lights went out he'd be getting his milkies, it was 5pm after all, and when he didn't, well, S and little M waited for us out in the entry....

After a delicious Christmas Eve dinner, Santa stopped by and stuffed our stocking chock full!

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