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Today I'm remembering one year ago today when I was 40 weeks pregnant and not in labor...yet. I totally wish I'd taken a nap one year ago today, cause when labor started at 11pm tonight, it STARTED. And it didn't stop for 34 hours. I rocked those 34 hours. But I think I might make up for that missed nap today.

Today I'm making this cranberry orange bread for our wonderful daycare provider. Giving one of these to our mail carrier so he can enjoy a few holiday drinks while working extra shifts this season. Making these favorite holiday treats for myself. Addressing a gazillion holiday cards while sitting in front of our Christmas tree. And working on a post about this latest project.

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  1. Ohhh.... I like this project!

  2. Anonymous12/13/2012

    Crazy how much changes in a year eh?? Whoa, 34 hours labour?? You go girl!!

    New project looks interesting and exciting :)

    - Fiona

  3. Whoa! Are those black walls??? The graffiti is a nice touch. ;)

    I labored for 18 hours (naturally) so I feel your pain and missing that last nap!!!


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