A Week of Bento Lunches

Little M got a shallow OXO food storage container and a dozen silicone muffin liners for Christmas. His lunches are so much more organized than the half dozen little containers thrown in a cooler he was toting to daycare last year.

sausage & bean casserole, cheese, baked pumpkin oatmeal, pears, clementines

GF pizza, cheese, black eyed peas, clementines, pear

carrots with hummus, falafel with tatziki, cheese, baked pumpkin oatmeal, clementines, puffs

falafel with tatziki, ham, cheese, clementines, pears

Little M is currently obsessed with cheese, clementines and pears. And bananas, which he eats in two bites.

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  2. Ive got to get some of those muffin cups for my Maddox- they look like they make everything so much easier!


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