Our First CSA Box

On a total whim, we bought a CSA share this week through Sinclair Farms. Have you ever belonged to one before? We've never had a share before so we decided to go with the single share instead of a family share. It's supposed to be enough for one person who doesn't eat out much or two people who do. I was a little skeptical about fresh produce in the middle of the winter, even if we do have a very long outdoor growing season around here.

The winter share runs for nine weeks starting this week. Pick-up was in the parking lot at a local church very close to Little M's daycare. The farm owners were there under a tent with their van packed with boxes and cloth shopping bags - one or two for each of the share holders. I stood in line for a couple minutes in the frigid cold (no complaints, I'll take it over a DC summer any day), signed in and picked up my bag. When Little M and I got home, we unpacked it to find a whole bunch of delicious, fresh, organic produce straight from the farm and their greenhouses. Yum!
The novelty of fresh produce that someone else picked for me has me inspired to cook a little more than I have been lately. In two days we've already eaten most of the lettuce and arugula, at least half of tomatoes, one of the apples, half of the parsley and one of the sweet potatoes. Today I made a sandwich with the tomatoes and arugula, had apple for a snack, roasted sweet potato rounds for Little M's lunch and for dinner made spicy Spanish shrimp with the parsley and served it with salad. Yesterday for dinner I made chicken kabobs and served them on salad with tomatoes, feta cheese and tatziki.

We have just a touch of lettuce left, which will probably disappear along with the tomatoes at lunch tomorrow. I'll probably roast the rest of the sweet potatoes for my sweet at some point over the weekend and I can guarantee that by the time next Thursday afternoon rolls around, everything will be gone and I'll be looking forward to our next bag of fresh goodies. Have you ever had good luck with a winter CSA? I hope we continue to be pleasantly surprised each week!

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  1. We've always done summer & fall CSA's, but the new one we joined for this year has an early spring that starts in March, which is 2 months earlier than our previous ones. So we haven't done a winter one around here yet, but that's super exciting you found one though!!! I LOVE doing a CSA though... good luck with all your goodies!!!

  2. My MIL and I tried a half-share of a local farm this past spring/summer. It was kind of fun, but poorly timed on our parts. We learned a ton (like what do you do with a butternut squash?) and found lots of new recipes. But I was hugely pregnant and it was a very hot summer, so I didn't dare start the stove up! We will definitely be doing it again this year, though, so little man will get to try some new things too!


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