13 Months Down

M turned 13 months old a few weeks ago. We spent the first half of month 13 in Maine with my parents before returning home for the New Year. Month 13 was filled with holidays and fun. Both of our Christmases were a blast!
It takes me forever to write these monthly posts, but I think I’m going to keep them up until Little M is two. I used last year’s updates to make a 2013 calendar with bullets of the previous year’s highlights. It was a big hit with the grandparents.

Went Christmas tree hunting on my parents’ farm two weekends before Christmas. It was very chilly so we bundled Little M in his snow pants, winter jacket, fleece lined hat and boots and stuck him in the Ergo. He was awake for the entire walk into the woods and then fell asleep as soon as we turned around. He woke to the sound of the chain saw just in time to see the tree fall.

Once the tree was up he helped Mamie & PawPaw string lights one afternoon. And then became quite fascinated with taking ornaments off and attempting to put them back on.

Christmas! It was a huge hit, we had so much fun! We went out for Christmas dinner and M was such a good diner. He ate some lobster, but he was mostly interested in the fruit from the buffet and the puffs I brought for him. Dinner was a couple hours long and he was such a good boy the whole time. He’s such a good sport.

Mamie gave Little M and PawPaw kazoos in their stockings. Dada only had to demonstrate a couple times before M “got” it. He and PawPaw had several kazoo concerts with my mom playing Christmas carols on the piano. He’s still loving his kazoo and will have concerts with PawPaw on the phone with Facetime.

We went to the light show at LLBean’s, which was really cool. They had a huge Christmas tree in their Discovery park and every evening on the hour they had a ten minute long light show coordinated to a few different songs. M liked the music a lot. He bounced to the beat in the Ergo.

We got a big snow storm the day before we left Maine and were able to use Little M’s sled again. I was sick as a dog so we didn’t do too many outdoor activities. On our long drive home the day after the storm the traffic was awful. We were on the road with everyone delayed by the storm, everyone planning to travel that day anyway and everyone trying to beat the next day’s storm. S claims it wasn’t bad, but from where I sat with a miserably stuffy nose, I thought it was awful. M was awesome the entire time. He snacked, listened to music, played, read books, laughed at Feeney and napped a little bit. He fell asleep for the night at his normal time about an hour before we got home.

Once we were back at home we had Christmas #2 with Nola and Grandpa. We called them to come over as soon as M woke up and before he had milk. They were here to see him come down the stairs to see his new play kitchen under the tree.

He was really into it – and quite excited by the container of puffs Mummy left in front of it for him. With pre-birthday party, real birthday, Christmas and Christmas #2 all in one month, I think this boy is going to think life is all about presents!

Grandpa made Little M a kitchen helper tower and it has proven to be the Best. Gift. Ever. M uses it every single morning while I prepare his breakfast and make my coffee. Over the past few weeks we’ve started to eat breakfast while standing too. He is learning to climb up himself and can get down on his belly if he wants to, but he’s cautious and usually wants help. Of everything we own, the kitchen tower is the one thing I think every kid needs!

Little M was really sick for a while when we were on vacation. But before he got sick we went on a little play date with a friend’s 18m old, Everett. All went well until E’s momma held Little M and it was all downhill from there. E was pissed! Everett now hates me and he hates Little M. E is one jealous little boy! Needless to say, we didn’t have any more play dates with them.

This month Little M:
Used his new sled in the snow in Maine; danced to the Christmas music as Mamie played the piano and had nightly concerts; emptied PawPaw’s desk drawers daily; played in the laundry basket and then fell out and split his lip, which turned into a big fat lip, with lots and lots of blood; put peg people in the wooden bus; nested the stacking cups; had a big snow storm – M held on tight when we went outside to see PawPaw shovel, the snow was scary; went to a party to watch football and by the end Little M was crowing like a Seahawk, caw caw!

In Maine we had a big trip to the farm, which was super fun. We ate lunch in the farm store & cafĂ© and ordered Little M’s first sandwich. He thought it was ok, but was more interested in the kids running around the cafeteria. Afterward we all went out to the farm to see the cows and calves, chickens, ducks, geese and horses. M loved them all except for the geese and he even got to pat a calf in the nursery. The calf licked his hand, it was very cute.

Mamie taught M how to go down the stairs on his belly and hasn’t stopped. If you’re ever curious what we do during our free time, it’s safe to assume we’re doing the stairs. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. Up and down. 

Randomly one day this month, Little M pulled his walker out and started to push it around regularly. He goes right up to it and wedges himself between it and the wall so that he can get it out to play (he also likes to ride in it.) We started a toy rotation and everything is so much more interesting to him now. After breakfast I’ll plop him in the living room and he’ll play independently while I clean up in the kitchen; that never used to happen before the ‘rotation. It’s kind of like Christmas every Saturday morning. 

Little M had his first illness this month a couple of days after his first birthday. It started with a few sniffles, but I think his immune system wasn’t up to snuff because he was pushing through six teeth at once. He was sick for over a week, had a fever for days and slept for upwards of 18 hours each day. He only wanted to eat soup and oranges while he was sick, thankfully my mom had a lot of roasted squash soup frozen and a fridge full of oranges. When he finally felt better he went through his toys like a hurricane, playing like he’d been missing them forever. Of course I got sick as soon as he started to recover and I was miserable, but I powered through to make sure the Christmas stockings were stuffed and hung by the chimney with care! And to play for a few minutes in the snow...in my PJs.

Little M started to show a little bit of pickiness this month and I thought he was slowing down on the sheer volume of food that he eats. But then I realized it was all just because he was sick and before long he was pounding a tall stack of pancakes for breakfast again. His favorite food right now is definitely bananas. Only because we ran out of blueberries though.

I started to pack little bento boxes for his lunch. It’s helped me be creative with his lunches and I actually enjoy packing them. Right now he’s eating one big meal in the morning, has one of his fruit cups around 11:30 and then has the rest of his bento around 2:30. Sometimes he has a little something to eat when he gets home, but rarely more than a few bites.

M loved his sweets this month – he ate his chocolate cupcakes for a full week after his birthday. M and I also made cookies from the special mix that Santa gave him; it was very fun to cook together. He’d probably like cookies more than bananas if I actually let him have cookies more than once a week. 

When I looked back at my daily journal I realized that Little M went to bed a full 7 hours earlier on New Year’s eve than he did last year. Thank goodness! His longest sleep this month was 16 hours – until 10am one morning. I was sick as a dog that day, so I was pretty grateful for that.

We had a week or two of earlier waking around 7am, but then were back to 7:45/8 each day. Along with those earlier mornings came a week of night wakings that lasted for HOURS. Like awake all night long. It was awful and I was so tired!

Around the same time he became very attached to me when we were together, then a week later started the meltdowns at daycare drop off. He went from being happy to leave me and play to holding on tight and wailing when I tried to leave, like a light switch. Maybe the sleep disturbance had to do with developing separation anxiety, who knows. Things are all better now though, so it’s all good.

When Dada came home he went in to get M in the morning and M recognized him – he tried to feed Dada LE through the crib slats. M spent the month S was away saying “dada”, but pretty much stopped after he came home.

M pointed right at our daycare provider’s son and said his name, “Kife” – he now says PawPaw, Dada, Mummum, ball, dog and Kife. And he barks like a dog. When he sees a dog, he barks. Feeney barks, he barks. Dog in a book? He barks. It’s really funny.

Had his 12m checkup at 13m and he clocked in at 19lbs 15oz – he gained nearly 2 pounds in one month! He’s 31 ¾” long which puts him in the 7th percentile for weight, 75th for height and 75th for his big head.

His overnight diapers are size 4, we went up one size this month when we finally ran out of the size 3 we bought in September. I figured we’d better go up a size when one package lasts so long. His BG 4.0 have two rows of snaps open in the middle and are the second rise setting. He’s wearing mostly 12-18m pants, 6-12m shirts and tops, onesies are anywhere from 6m to 12m. His legs are getting really long and I’m hoping that the 18-24m and 2T stuff that I’ve bought for next winter actually fits him then and not at the height of summer! He’s really good at pushing his arms through the sleeves when he’s getting dressed in the morning; it’s very cute.

On his 13th month birthday he gave me a kiss. Melt my heart.

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  1. He's growing so fast! Don't blink!

  2. Love all these photos. That play kitchen looks like so much fun!! :) And that photo of him in his little walker cart?! Priceless!! So much joy! :)


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