Valentine's Bento

Little M totes a bento to daycare each day along with a couple of bottles of mummy milk. On Valentine's day he'll be opening his lunch box to find this little treat.
Ok so his daycare momma will be the one doing the opening. And it's unlikely he'll notice anything except that mummy packed all of his favorites, if he even notices that. But at least I had fun packing this lunch! And I'm sure he'll go nuts for the brownies - a treat he rarely gets.

If all else fails, I'm sure he'll notice the big, red mylar balloon waiting for him in the living room when he comes downstairs tomorrow morning.

Now this is what I looked forward to most when I had a baby! Are you doing anything special for Valentine's day?

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  1. These are the things I most looked forward to also!! So much fun making special surprises for them :)


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