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We’ve been talking space around here – as in an addition. Given the market where we live, it makes sense to invest in our home, so after months of deliberation we hired an architect to help us figure things out. Because we’re on a corner lot our only real option is to add onto the side of the house. This means the façade of the house is going to change significantly. I don’t want to lose the cute colonial look…hence, the architect. It’s been a few weeks since he came out to measure every wall in our home top to bottom; we hope to see some sketches in a week or two. It seems like this is a slow process. I'm trying not to wish the time away since every week that passes means my baby gets bigger. 

Stop growing up so fast, Little M.

S has been home for.ev.er. Since Christmas he’s only been on one overnight trip and it was for one night. One! Hello? What happened to being gone 50% of the time? I’d say I’m not complaining, but I am. In order for this here today, gone tomorrow lifestyle to work, Little M and I have to practice our solo time. Besides, I want cheese and crackers for dinner.

Mamie and PawPaw were here this week. Little M has so much fun with them. I love it when they visit. He went on a play date to his Nola’s house today (S’s parents) with my mom. A nannies and baby play date. How cute is that?

Feeney pulled my mom over  and hurt her arm while lunging for another dog when we were out for a walk yesterday and then today he ate Little M’s ribs & mashed potatoes straight off the kitchen counter when I walked out of the room to change M’s diaper. He’s in the dog house. At least he would be if we had one.

I’m hoping to move my sewing area from downstairs up to my office. It’s such a nice space with all the windows that I’m thinking it would be nice to do projects in there on the weekends.
Who am I kidding thinking I have time without a monkey hanging from my leg to do projects on the weekends?

Last weekend I worked on a project I’ve had pinned for months  and months. I’m pretty psyched about it. It needs a few coats of poly, which will have to wait ‘til the weather warms a little, and then it will be ready to hang. Of course S is telling me we can’t hang anything (including curtains in the living room) until the addition is finished. So that’s like months from now. Hopefully not a dozen months.

Speaking of weather, Feeney is desperate need of a shave and a haircut, two bits. We have a hot water faucet outside for winter baths, but I can’t very well bathe him outside if it’s 28 degrees and spitting snow like it has been every weekend lately. I’m ready to throw in the towel and shave him in the bathroom and just have the shop vac going to suck up all the fur.

How do you teach a seven-year-old dog to stop freaking out at other dogs? Short of a lobotomy, of course.  We’re told he wasn’t socialized properly as a young pup.

I picked the trash of a neighbor in broad daylight a couple weeks ago to grab a stacked glass ball lamp. The bulb assembly was broken. I replaced it for $3.99 and bought a new shade. Love it. And I’m only mildly uncomfortable with the fact that the neighbor probably saw me. It’s ok though, I don’t really know any of them well so I’m mildly uncomfortable every time we’re together anyway. Nothing lost there.

Little M didn't want to nurse very much a couple weeks ago. I freaked out since I have a breastfeeding goal of at least 18 months, but really want to go to 2 years. My body went nuts with the sudden supply decrease and the happy breastfeeding hormones must have dropped because I was really unhappy. I worked to get my supply back, Little M is back to nursing regularly, I'm happy again and I've decided I can never stop. Ever. 

Hello Time Magazine.

I've started running much more in the past month. It's not hard to run "much more" when the baseline for the past year has been once a week. Running affects my milk supply hence the issue above. End of the TMI.

On any given day our house is perfectly neat and tidy, but doesn’t look beautiful anymore. The monkey gets into everything so we don’t have too many decorative items out. And then there’s the space issue; namely that we have everyone’s shoes, coats and a drop-your-shit-here stuff in our dining room by the back door. It drives me mad. Absolutely MAD.

I finally pulled out our winter duvet that I bought at West Elm two winters ago. I never brought it out last year because I had a newborn and swapping a duvet was the last thing on my mind. I like the way our bedroom looks. Minus the pile of crap on S's dresser. I need horse blinders so I won't see the pile anymore.

Why on earth did they have to kill off Matthew?

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  1. Alicia2/25/2013

    Never commented on a blog before, but I couldn't help but chuckle at the question re. the 7 year old dog and other dogs. We have a 5 yr old terrier mix, who is wonderful unless there is another dog around. We've had him his whole life, and actually had to see a vet behaviorist to work on the issue. He is just an anxious dog and we've worked on several 'distraction' techniques with him in order to get us able to walk past another dog on the OTHER side of the street without him freaking out. Long story short, if your dog is very food motivated, you might have some luck teaching him to 'Look' at you (turn to you and give his attention) and giving him a treat, and then do that when you see another dog coming up. We give our dog prob about 5 treats every time and make him look at us the whole time, so he focuses on us rather than the other dog. It's all about positive reinforcement! Sorry for the wordy explanation...good luck!

  2. Love this post - I agree about killing Matthew. I hope this doesn't turn into the Lady Edith show! Worse yet - we have to wait until next January to see anotehr episode!


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