Bye Bye G. Reader

I've been a fan of Google Reader forever. Apparently I'm the only one and I can't believe it's going away. Tonight I downloaded the Feedly app on my phone and for Mozilla on my laptop. I thought it was a possible replacement for reader on my phone, but on my laptop it's just kinda confusing. Ok maybe not confusing, but it's different. How well do you handle change? Yeah, me neither.

Maybe I don't need an alternative to reader. Maybe I need to work my bookmarks a little more, visit blogs and enjoy them as they're meant to be read. No one does that anymore do they? Either way, I'm sad to see reader go. Not as sad as I would have been two years ago when I was keeping up with reading it daily instead of monthly as I do now, but I'll miss it. 

What are you all doing to replace your reader? Or are you in the majority that doesn't use reader?

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  1. Hi, I'm a fellow google reader addict. I joined bloglovin today and it will transfer all of the info from reader in about two minutes. Easy Easy

  2. Anonymous3/15/2013

    I very much like my Reader, and have 100+ different blogs in it, including DIY, knitting, cooking, costuming, cheezburgers, etc. There's no way I'd go through a list of links or folder of bookmarks to check every one, so I guess I must find a new RSS aggregation tool. Since Reader still has a couple months, I'm going to hold off on jumping ship until I get feedback from various fellow Reader users on suitable replacements. I don't have a smart phone, so everything I read is desktop-based; I guess that's a big difference between myself and most internet users.

  3. Anonymous3/15/2013

    I've used Google Reader for forever, and just downloaded Feedly today (for Chrome) I actually find that it's laid out better than G-Reader - if it doesn't look the way you want just fiddle with the settings, it's pretty easy to change around and change back if need be. I also think (based on all the ones I looked at) that it's going to be the easiest by far to import all your google reader subscriptions to, I tried theoldreader and it was a NIGHTMARE to do.

    1. I definitely think I need to do some fiddling. I don't think it was showing all the posts. Maybe it was. I was just so overwhelmed by how many posts I haven't read and how so not on top of my reader I am!

  4. Currently testing feedly and bloglovin, and waiting to test Old Reader - along with 27000+ other people apparently! I'm not loving any of them so far, but with nearly 300 subscriptions, I've got to find something. (Also, hi, first time commenting, maybe using a different reader is good for me...)

  5. I just switch to bloglovin (from my beloved Google Reader - you are NOT the only one) and I'm learning to like it. It's different because you get to browse from blog to blog and actually leave comments without clicking through because you're already there!

    Also they made transferring all my blogs super easy! I recommend giving it a try. (They have an app too.)

    Hope that helps!

  6. I'm still in mourning. I love Google Reader.

    But, so far, I'm liking Feedly. My "sources" are telling me that BlogLovin is going to be the new go-to source, but I just don't "get it" yet. Still working out how this will change my blog reading. I do almost all my reading on my phone, so it's gotta be mobile-friendly. (I love the Newsify app.)

  7. So sad! I did not realize it was coming to an end.

  8. I'm liking BlogLovin but have also downloaded feedly. I'm anti-change. :P

  9. I am not computer savvy what so ever. It's very sad. So I have my bookmarks perfectly in order & read my blogs top to bottom. And now I feel stupid. :)

  10. I wish I did this! My bookmarks are not in order at all. It's a total disaster :)


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