My Favorite Kitchen Tool

My mom came to visit last week and while she was here she helped that with a little cooking. While cooking chicken or something like that she accidentally snapped the handle off my favorite kitchen tool. I didn't realize it was my favorite kitchen tool until I no longer had it to use. I was totally lost without it this weekend.

What's my favorite kitchen too? The lasagna spatula.

I'm not even a fan of pasta and I don't like tomato sauce so I'm certainly not using my lasagna spatula for lasagna. But the thing is just so useful. I use it for cutting, turning, sautéing, cooking everything, even cleaning cooked on stuff off a skillet. I forgot that she'd broken it and on Saturday I was looking all over for it while making scrambled eggs. It's the best for keeping the eggs from cooking to the pan. It's just my favorite tool ever. I could go without any cooking spoons and just use my lasagna spatula.

So today armed with my 20% off bed bath and beyond coupon I bought myself a new what lasagna spatula. Thank goodness they still make it. I resisted buying two to have a back-up, but now I'm thinking I might need to go back. Totally ridiculous that this is my favorite kitchen tool, right? What's your favorite kitchen gadget?

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  1. yeah, I think I need one of these. I have a terrible spatula and I use the heck out of it. Thanks for the reminder.


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