Final Floor Plans

After polling you guys, lots of friends and family, we decided on the two window option for the addition. Which means we were finally able to start developing a final floor plan. The first one gave me a GINORMOUS closet and four linear feet of hanging space in S's closet. Not really the his and hers master closets we dreamed of.

So while I came up with a floor plan for the first floor that took the windows out of the pantry and put them in the entry and powder rooms, I sent a note to our architect and asked him to rethink the second floor. No matter what I did, I couldn't make the second floor work. What we got back from him was perfect. Perfect.
Our existing bedroom will stay, but its closet will go (S and I will build one back in later on.) The current linen closet will also go to create a hallway into the new master. S and I will each have a walk-in closet, mine just a bit bigger than his, but his will still be quite big. Our bathroom will have a tile shower with a glass door (hopefully) and double sinks, but no tub. We decided that having a tub in the existing bathroom was enough. We need to remove the entire existing exterior wall apparently, which means that our existing bath will need to be updated too given that we'll be removing the entire shower wall. We intended to update it at some point, so we'll be doing it at the same time. We're going to keep it simple and hope to keep the same tub and toilet. The cheap, particle board vanity will go, and the tile which is cracked in several places will have to go too.

I'm in love with my closet and with the size of the bedroom - plenty of space for dressers, side tables and a bed. We'll be able to walk without shimmying next to the bed.

As much as I love the second floor, I'm totally head-over-heels for the first floor.
We'll have a mud room! With an eight foot wide coat closet! That's a serious closet. I'm from Maine, I've still got serious coats. That I wear a dozen times a year. If that. Across from the coat closet we'll have a bench with cubby space for hanging coats and hats and for storing shoes underneath. S told me he didn't think hooks and cubbies were necessary given that we'd have a closet right there. If I had a dollar for every time I've asked S to pick up his clothes and hang up his coats, we'd have cash enough to pay for the addition twice over. So in the spirit of designing for how we live, we'll have cubbies and hooks And the beauty of all of this is that it can't be seen from the new living space.

Next to the entry we'll have a powder room with a pocket door. Because one of the two windows will be in the powder room, we can leave the pocket door open to let morning light into the living space. The toilet and sink are tucked behind the door opening enough so that you won't be able to see anything but floor and window from the new living room.

Our pantry got quite a bit smaller in the two window plan, but it will still fit a few linear feet of shelving from floor to ceiling and a large upright freezer (our current one in the basement will need to be replaced in the near future and so far we haven't been able to find one small enough to fit into the space we built for it downstairs. Ugh.)

One of my favorite parts of the new space is the addition of another kitchen counter/breakfast bar. It will have an overhang large enough for 3-4 stools and will have cabinet storage below. We hope to be able to match the cabinetry in our current kitchen, but haven't decided what to do about counter tops yet; we're not fans of our current counters so we're not so inclined to try to match them. Maybe stainless? Maybe butcher block? I'm sure the budget won't allow us to replace all the counters, but that could be an option too.

The new family room will have two sets of double windows facing our side yard and two individual windows facing the back yard. We should be able to get some serious afternoon light even though it's the north-west facing side of the house. Just having all those windows will let in so much more light regardless of the sun. I love lots of light.

We designed the eight foot coat closet wall to accommodate a sectional sofa in the living room, something I've wanted for a while now. I'm sure we'll make do with the furniture we own for a while, but we wanted the option. We cut little pieces of card stock "furniture" to scale and tried out several furniture placement options before settling on this plan. This one gives us the most flexibility and leaves the least amount of wasted space in the entry. We're already planning to section off an area for M's play space.

Some of the exterior details like the added pergola, moving the patio, and the giant porch may need to wait so we don't blow our budget. We thought we'd be building the porch ourselves, but it got a bit bigger and more complicated pretty quickly . . . I hope it doesn't look to weird without a new porch at all, for now. We're planning on building the pergola ourselves, but its included in the plans for now.

We sent the plans out to four contractors this week for bids. We've got all our fingers and toes crossed that we aren't bowled over by the quotes. I'm sure we will be. That porch is going to kill us I'm sure. But we're hoping for the best.

Now as we wait we're making lists of all the interior details we should incorporate. We've only got one shot at making this our perfect home - what details do we need to add to our list? A place for dog collars and leashes for sure, for hanging scarves in my closet, hardwired Internet . . . what else!?

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