We are four weeks into the bid process on our addition project and I think we're close to pulling our hair out. We had no idea it was going to take over a month to get all our bids. We were thinking more like two weeks. Today marks four.

To be fair, we did get one bid within two weeks and the second at three weeks. The third came in on Monday, but four and five are still outstanding. One we've been promised "tomorrow" at least a half dozen times. That should raise a red flag, but we like the guy so much and he comes so highly recommended! And number five, who knows where the heck he went. He threw out an arbitrary number based on nothing that was twice the amount of bid number one. I think I may have snarfed a little when he threw out his number. So needless to say, he's not really in the running. And the snarf is probably why we haven't heard from him again.

Right now bid number three is looking really good. I had a good impression when I first met him and all his references so far, love him. Two of them have used him for multiple projects. And I don't think they're his relatives. Or on the payroll. But we still need to work out several details to bring the whole project within budget. That means we're looking at another week 'til we're giving our architect the green light to draw up the final plans. 

We really wanted to be breaking ground on June 1. But at this point I think we're looking more like June 15 at best and July 1, if I'm being honest with myself. Our architect needs two weeks to finish the plans and our county takes up to a month to approve plans. Let's get going already!

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