Curious About Days 3, 4 & 5?

Are you curious what happened on days 3, 4 and 5 of our addition project? We are too. Nothing happened. Our contractor cited the forecast of rain. And says that they can't dig when there's rain in the forecast. It's summer. In the South. There's the possibility of rain every day. The ten day forecast for the past 7 days (so that makes 17 days of forecasts) cite hot, humid, sunny days with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. I imagine this will be the ten day forecast until September.

On Wednesday we got a rumble of thunder and not a drop of water. On Thursday the 2 minutes of showers evaporated on contact with the hot asphalt as they fell. Last night we had a gully washer, but we're not so sure that any kind of water-getting-into-a-foundation-hole could have been avoided with a tarp or two.

So here we are with a dust-bowl of a backyard torn-up by the tracks of the excavator that moved the shed, a port-o-john smack dab in the middle of the back yard, no fence around our basement steps, no fences or bushes to contain an active toddler who only wants to be outside and no progress in sight. At least if there were a big machine digging just outside the dining room window Little M would be entertained and happy to stand in his tower observing.

I see additions springing up out of the ground all around us and am starting to think that "chance of rain" means "still working on another project and I'm trying to pull the wool over your eyes." S is saving his frustration for down the line when there's actually something to be frustrated about. I am trying to hard to just go with the flow here, but I'm pretty frustrated that every morning I make plans around having a work crew in our yard - pulling the stroller out of the shed first thing and then letting it bake in the sun all day because I don't want to get in their way when the work crew is here, unlocking the locks on the front door for which we don't have keys so we can use it while they've taken over the side entrance, not parking in our driveway because I expect a dumpster to come any minute, declining to host play dates because it will be too much chaos with a half dozen workers in the yard, etc, etc and then we get no word on whether a crew will arrive or not. I'm peeking out the window looking for a work crew more often than I peek out the window at falling snow during a snow storm. And you know I love watching snow fall. 

I'm sure this will be a distant memory in short order, but the poor communication is frustrating me right now. So I guess the bottom line is that on days 3, 4 and 5 frustration happened, which I suppose is par for the course with any renovation project ;)

Maybe next week.

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Here I am at Home

I lost my job. My last day of work was May 31, nearly a month ago. It was a friendly split, my company just decided to phase out the product I managed. I was given a couple of months notice and those couple of months flew by. I didn’t find a new job during my last two months of work, so here I am, a newly minted SAHM.

However, I’m a SAHM with a twist. A SAHM-lite? Maybe a SAHM in training? A sham SAHM, ha! I’m looking for a new job, hopefully one where I can work part-time, which means we’d still need a daycare spot for Little M. Since daycare waitlists can be years long where we live and little M isn’t old enough yet for preschool, I had to work out an arrangement with his daycare provider while I look for work. She is going on vacation for the month of August, so for the months of June and July we’ve agreed to a part-time schedule where I’ll pay 50% of his usual cost and he’ll go a few days a week (or just two weeks, if we go away for a couple of weeks to beat the summer heat!)

I’ve agreed to let her know by mid-July if Little M will be returning full-time in September. If not, then she’ll need to fill his space. That leaves me with very little time to figure out where my career is going – to a new position outside the home or to a new position in the home. Either option scares me! I was with my old company for eight years so moving to a new one is a big change. On the other hand, I haven’t spent many weekdays with just me and my boy with nothing on our agenda, so that’s a huge change too!

Apart from updating my resume and arranging for lots of coffee dates with possible career contacts, I’ve been preparing for the next few months by researching all the (preferably free) toddler activities in my area. So far I’ve scoped out the best playgrounds within walking distance of our house – although only one is shady during the day, story hours at the local libraries (but they’re sadly on hold for another few weeks), tumble tykes options at my gym and free-swim hours at local pools with wading pool options. I've also picked up a wading pool for our back yard, which is currently a giant dust bowl of construction.
In the little pool at Mamie & PawPaw's house
Going to the gym together proved a giant fail a couple weeks ago. M cried for 20 minutes before the staff finally came and got me and I took him home. I haven't got up the courage to try again, but we will soon. It's been so hot that going to the playground in the morning is super uncomfortable. But he loves it, so we go. And then I shower when we get home 'cause I'm drenched. This morning we went to the library and he threw books off the shelves and I re-shelved them while repeating "one at a time" and directing him toward the board books, which all appeared to have the same dewy decimal system number thingy. At least it was air conditioned. Of course I was drenched on the walk home.

Overall I'm a little bored and really wanting Little M to continue with his daycare program at least part time. So I suppose that means that instead of writing a blog post right now I should be sending out resumes!

For now I could use all the advice I can get. What are your best tips for staying home with a toddler? Any tips for hunting for a new job – especially a part-time one?

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Not for the Faint of Heart

Yesterday was day one of our project. Before we can do anything with the addition, the shed needs to be moved. So yesterday a couple of guys jacked the shed up and moved it six inches forward on metal pipes. Mid-afternoon I went outside to check on progress. I was impressed. I casually asked "how are you going to rotate it?"

Work stopped for the day.

Today five guys returned with a clear understanding of the task at hand. The shed is to be rotated 90 degrees and then pushed to the back corner of the lot, where our patio once was (S moved that over the weekend.) I had a quick consult re: digging up trees, grasses and placement for replanting. Then as little M and I were leaving for the park this morning, they were unloading a mini excavator.

We came home and saw this:
Three arborvitae removed and the shed at a 45 degree angle to where it once sat. Then they pushed it a few inches with the excavator, my heart caught in my throat, and I went inside so as to no be outside when the thing fell off the dollies and jacks as I was so certain was about to happen.

Little M and I sat at the window and watched the whole process unfold and took this video. M says "bye-bye" every time someone walks behind the shed and near the end I gasp as two tons of shed sways in the air.
 It took five guys, two jacks, two dollies and a mini excavator about 2.5 hours to get the shed in place. Witnessing it took at least 2.5 years off my life.

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We've Got It!

Permit in hand, we're ready to go!

We all expected the permit process to take about a month. It took a week. Totally unheard of. The way our contractor tells the story, the permit was essentially walked through the process through a whole series of very fortuitous events. Needless to say, we're pretty psyched with our architect and contractor right now.

Because we were all expecting to start in July, not this week, our actual break-ground date is still up in the air. It's probably going to be sometime this week or very early next week. We're waiting on weather, a visit from Miss Utility and a surveyor to mark the corner point of the addition. Apparently because we're going out in front of the existing house, the county wants to make sure the addition is within the 25' setback requirements. Rather than build the addition and then have it checked we're going to have a surveyor mark where the very front of the addition should be.

So there you have it. We're ready to go! Yeah!

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