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I lost my job. My last day of work was May 31, nearly a month ago. It was a friendly split, my company just decided to phase out the product I managed. I was given a couple of months notice and those couple of months flew by. I didn’t find a new job during my last two months of work, so here I am, a newly minted SAHM.

However, I’m a SAHM with a twist. A SAHM-lite? Maybe a SAHM in training? A sham SAHM, ha! I’m looking for a new job, hopefully one where I can work part-time, which means we’d still need a daycare spot for Little M. Since daycare waitlists can be years long where we live and little M isn’t old enough yet for preschool, I had to work out an arrangement with his daycare provider while I look for work. She is going on vacation for the month of August, so for the months of June and July we’ve agreed to a part-time schedule where I’ll pay 50% of his usual cost and he’ll go a few days a week (or just two weeks, if we go away for a couple of weeks to beat the summer heat!)

I’ve agreed to let her know by mid-July if Little M will be returning full-time in September. If not, then she’ll need to fill his space. That leaves me with very little time to figure out where my career is going – to a new position outside the home or to a new position in the home. Either option scares me! I was with my old company for eight years so moving to a new one is a big change. On the other hand, I haven’t spent many weekdays with just me and my boy with nothing on our agenda, so that’s a huge change too!

Apart from updating my resume and arranging for lots of coffee dates with possible career contacts, I’ve been preparing for the next few months by researching all the (preferably free) toddler activities in my area. So far I’ve scoped out the best playgrounds within walking distance of our house – although only one is shady during the day, story hours at the local libraries (but they’re sadly on hold for another few weeks), tumble tykes options at my gym and free-swim hours at local pools with wading pool options. I've also picked up a wading pool for our back yard, which is currently a giant dust bowl of construction.
In the little pool at Mamie & PawPaw's house
Going to the gym together proved a giant fail a couple weeks ago. M cried for 20 minutes before the staff finally came and got me and I took him home. I haven't got up the courage to try again, but we will soon. It's been so hot that going to the playground in the morning is super uncomfortable. But he loves it, so we go. And then I shower when we get home 'cause I'm drenched. This morning we went to the library and he threw books off the shelves and I re-shelved them while repeating "one at a time" and directing him toward the board books, which all appeared to have the same dewy decimal system number thingy. At least it was air conditioned. Of course I was drenched on the walk home.

Overall I'm a little bored and really wanting Little M to continue with his daycare program at least part time. So I suppose that means that instead of writing a blog post right now I should be sending out resumes!

For now I could use all the advice I can get. What are your best tips for staying home with a toddler? Any tips for hunting for a new job – especially a part-time one?

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  1. Sorry to hear about your job loss but what a fun time you and baby M have been having! I feel you on keeping a toddler entertained. Hudson looks at me everyday at 3 pm and is like "entertain me lady!". I would definitely recommend trying the gym again. I was paged one time (the first week we went) and he's been happy ever since. It's nice to have an hour or two to workout and they get some baby friend time. Also, check out a Growing a Jeweled Rose blog. She has a million creative/fun/easy/cheap toddler crafts.


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