Not for the Faint of Heart

Yesterday was day one of our project. Before we can do anything with the addition, the shed needs to be moved. So yesterday a couple of guys jacked the shed up and moved it six inches forward on metal pipes. Mid-afternoon I went outside to check on progress. I was impressed. I casually asked "how are you going to rotate it?"

Work stopped for the day.

Today five guys returned with a clear understanding of the task at hand. The shed is to be rotated 90 degrees and then pushed to the back corner of the lot, where our patio once was (S moved that over the weekend.) I had a quick consult re: digging up trees, grasses and placement for replanting. Then as little M and I were leaving for the park this morning, they were unloading a mini excavator.

We came home and saw this:
Three arborvitae removed and the shed at a 45 degree angle to where it once sat. Then they pushed it a few inches with the excavator, my heart caught in my throat, and I went inside so as to no be outside when the thing fell off the dollies and jacks as I was so certain was about to happen.

Little M and I sat at the window and watched the whole process unfold and took this video. M says "bye-bye" every time someone walks behind the shed and near the end I gasp as two tons of shed sways in the air.
 It took five guys, two jacks, two dollies and a mini excavator about 2.5 hours to get the shed in place. Witnessing it took at least 2.5 years off my life.

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