The Entertainment has Arrived

After a long holiday weekend Monday started off with a bang. Quite literally. The jackhammer started up at 8am just as little M and I were settling in for his morning milk. We rushed downstairs and I stuck little M in his tower while I moved my car from the driveway.

The noise was a little scary at first, but once he realized where the noise came from he was happy. There's nothing more exciting to a little boy than construction equipment.
By noon the top of the driveway, the portion of the basement stairs that are getting removed, the back stoop and the ugly asphalt walkway along the side of our house were gone. All the debris was loaded into a giant dumpster on the street. By the time they stopped working at 7pm the foundation and footing trenches had begun to appear.

After they left for the day S and I went outside to dig up the azalea plants in front of our kitchen window and along our little porch.
A few weeks ago I cut them back nearly to the base so we'd be able to handle them - it was at least a 75% pruning. I was really happy to see tiny, green buds popping up all over the remaining thick stalks. The one main azalea under the kitchen window had self-rooted in so many places that we got 11 plants from it!

S planted all the little azaleas together in front of and next to the newly moved shed. They're grouped near the arborvitae that we transplanted from the top of our driveway to the side of shed to make daily watering easier. It's not their final home, but it's the best place we could find to hopefully keep them alive until we can transplant them in the fall (or spring.)
This morning I was out watering the plants when I saw the first of the guys arriving at 7:30. Little M watched out the window white he ate his breakfast as they dug some more. By the time we got home at 4pm the entire foundation trench was dug and they'd started to add rebar to the hole. We're hoping for inspections tomorrow and concrete soon. I'm hoping for framing and a roof soon, but this isn't HGTV.
The whole area looks so much bigger in person. And so much more so from the second story window where I peered longingly out the window of my wee bedroom into what will soon be my masterful master. I tried to imagine what it will feel like to not turn sideways to make my way to my side of the bed. Then I stopped myself. I don't want to go wishing away six months just so I can have a bit more room to breathe. Or a place to put shoes...not in the dining room.
I did stand at the front corner of the house and pretend to walk out of my car and to our new mudroom door, which is precisely where that hacked-back acuba stands.

On the subject of doors, I can't find the freaking door I want anywhere. I know it exists because it's on the house down the street that was just renovated a couple of months ago, but it doesn't exist otherwise. Fiberglass that looks like wood, 3/4 glass with 4 lights, grilles on the outside so I can stain them to match the door and a single raised rectangle panel on the door below the glass. Next time I see our neighbors outside I'll ask them who makes their door. Until them I'm on the hunt.

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  1. yay progress! I would totally be that person and ask the neighbors where they bought their doors! :)

  2. Woohoo!! Was meaning to ask you how things were going. Will do a drive by soon :)


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