You Can't Make this Stuff up

Our basement flooded last night.

Our yard is a mess of a construction zone (to be expected, of course) and now our house is too. Our beautiful basement project from less than two years ago is ruined.

I cannot believe it. This is our bone dry basement.

All S's silk & wool carpets are covered with mud and water.

Our guest room bedding is saturated. Furniture is wet and all the pocket doors are swollen shut in their pockets.

We discovered it sometime around 2:30am last night. The screeching alarm on my phone from the weather channel woke me up, but S was already up. And at 3am when I was carefully wiping off Christmas ornaments from 1977 and S was vacuuming water from our beloved engineered hardwood floors, all I could think was thank God it's not a fire, thank God it's not worse.

Our insurance company sent out cleaners and a dry cleaning service today. The dry cleaners took several big laundry bags full of bedding, clothing, shoes, Little M's pack n' play extra mattress and tote bags. Lots of bags. The cleaners walked through the sloshing floors and said they had to rip them up. So I sat upstairs while dozens, if not hundreds of hours of research and shopping were ripped up from the floors and hauled out the front door.

Obviously it had to be done, the underlay material was soaked.

Everything is soaked. Everything is a mess. That 10lb bag of sugar hanging off the second shelf is drip drying. I don't know why it's not in the trash.

In the morning tomorrow we have to decide what we need for the next few months and then the rest will be packed up and taken to a facility to be cleaned and stored until new floors and drywall are installed. We're also taking inventory of what was ruined completely. Like all the saturated extra boxes of the floors we'd stored under the guest room bed....

So now in addition to shopping for (and trying to hunt down bargains on, given my unemployed state) doors, vanities, counters, cabinets, fixtures, decking, siding and a multitude of other addition necessities, we're also back to basement flooring square one. Not to mention getting our furnace, washing machine, hot water heater and freezer serviced.

It could be so much worse.

How do you feel about tile that looks like wood?

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  1. We just put som tile in our bathroom, 6" x 36" planks looks very much like wood Colli Legno tile.

  2. Oh my goodness.. I am sooo sorry this happened! I cannot imagine the stress of it all. Yikes. Now I can't complain about the stress of our house construction going on right now. So sorry!

  3. Oh my gosh - that is awful!! Sounds like your insurance company is helping though - I hope the rest of the process isn't as terrible as you think it is going to be. :-(

  4. I'm so sorry. I know it could be worse but I'm sure at the moment, it feels like a lot to deal with.

  5. oh my goodness! so so sorry! that is awful! so sorry from ohio!

  6. Do you think it could have flooded due to the construction going on in your yard? Our basement is almost 100 years old and has never been dry. Also, I happen to at a warehouse where some of the product we handle is flooring. www.builddirect.com is our customer. They usually have a pretty good clearance section.

    1. I think it was a whole series of things that led to the water. Some construction, some drainage, and a whole lot of drains backing up. Ugh, what a mess! I'm checking out that website right now. thank you!


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