Basement Floors, again.

While chaos continues on the addition (they're going to break down the dining room wall tomorrow while Little M and I sit here in the living room behind the baby gate and watch, I think) we've made some decisions on the basement rebuild.

We got a set amount from the insurance company to make the repairs. That amount would cover replacing wood floors, the repairs to drywall, and replacing all the moulding that was ripped up when the floors came up. Wood floors are much less expensive than wood-look tile floors because of the labor costs to lay tile. We don't have an extra cent to put toward the basement right now so we considered just doing wood floors again.

For like a hot second. We can't do wood again, I'd be freaked out every single time we went away and it rained. I'd be up in the middle of the night when S is away on rainy nights checking to make sure there's no water. I am totally freaked out by water.

So we're doing tile. And despite being up to our ears in stress related to the addition (which would be nil if the basement weren't an issue), we'll be doing all the other repairs ourselves. So a DIY project in the middle of our biggest home project yet. You know what I want to do? Take Little M to Maine and come home to a finished basement. You know what I'll be doing instead? Painting during naps. It should be fab.

You know what I want to do during naps? Run on my new-to-me treadmill.

Going to have to figure out how to squeeze that thing in when our furniture is all delivered again! Side note - I wanted polished concrete floors, but they're so stained from the asbestos tiles that were on them way back in the day that apparently they weren't a good candidate. You can kinda see the mess they are in that photo. Right there next to the lamp laying on the floor 'cause it was submerged and needs to be tossed out....

Last week we placed an order for Interceramic Oakwood in 3" wide cherry. It should be here sometime this week and will hopefully be installed sometime in the next two weeks.

The planks come in 24" lengths,  much less than a length of wood flooring, so the installers have to be pretty good to get it to look like a wood floor and not like some wonky grid. I hope our installers are good. Please let them be good.

We're waiting on the electrician to replace our service panel in the guest room downstairs before we have the floors installed. The last thing I want is for a big ole' metal box to be dropped on our brand new floors. And while we're doing the waiting game, we're also going to wait for the HVAC guys to cut apart the guest room ceiling to tie the duct work into the new living room. And we'll wait 'til that ceiling is repaired. And 'til the giant hole in the downstairs bathroom that the plumbers created last week when they moved our stack and thereby destroyed the only room relatively unharmed by the flood.

Are we done yet?

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